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Get Inspired: A Teenager’s Journey From Being Fat To Fit

Written By Latika Gupta

Transformation Story

Here is a quick round up with Mrinal Goel on how he transformed himself from being a 122kgs heavy weight to 75kgs heartthrob.

What should be an ideal life for a teenager? They think eating out, hanging out with friends, watching movies and of course, studies is what makes most of their life. But, what happens when a teenager fails to look after his eating habits, his activity levels and most importantly his weight? They often end up being obese, generally facing flak from people around and lacking the motivation to get back in shape to have a healthier future.

While this is the story of most of the teenagers in our country today, there are some who took their obesity as a challenge and decided to change their life for good.

Mrinal Goel, was no different from being a regular overweight teenager spending most of his time eating junk food and lazying around at home. Until one day, he realized how he is making his body suffer. He took up this challenge and transformed himself from being 122kgs to 75kgs in a year. 

Here is a quick round up with Mrinal Goel on how he transformed himself from being a 122kgs heavyweight to 75kgs heartthrob. 

What is that one thing that contributed significantly to your remarkable weight-loss journey?

I have done what everybody knows, but the big difference comes with the regularity. I was doing only small things but with sincerity, great commitment and of course regularity. Do not go for hard exercising and dieting, instead just bring minor changes to your daily life and routine and do spare some time for yourself. Skip junk food and switch over to healthy meals, avoid street food altogether. Most importantly, be regular with your exercise, stay motivated, and you will be able to reach the next levels successfully. 

What motivated you to begin your weight loss journey?

Many instances made me realize how I am becoming a big junk of fat. My health check in class 12th was miserable with me weighing close to 122kgs. I was wearing 46 inches jeans and my stomach was bulging out. Then one day my dadi told me that I have started looking like a fat tyre. That day was a changing point in my life as I saw myself in the mirror and told myself see what is happening with you and your body at this age. 

Who do you consider to be your inspiration? 

My inspiration is Hrithik Roshan, but I also admire people who follow a healthy lifestyle and are conscious about their health. My parents are my biggest motivators and supporters in my path to become fit from fat. 

How you began your exercising and diet regimen?

Initially, I was a bit curious about hiring a trainer, so I started by watching exercise videos on YouTube, and I have been, a great fan of Tarun Gill & Guruman. I quit all my bad eating habits instantly. Within a month I lost around 5 to 6 kgs, which was a great motivation for me to keep going. The results made me addicted to my exercising and diet pattern. After two months of exercising, I joined aerobics and Zumba classes as I already had a great interest in dancing. 

Anything specific that you did with your weight loss plan?

I started following a cheat meal plan after that. In this, I was allowing myself two days in a month to eat whatever I want. But for the rest of the month, I would strictly follow my diet. Organic eating, clean eating and no harsh dieting were the mantra’s for me to be healthy. 

What are the differences that you noticed in yourself post weight loss?

Increased stamina, improved confidence, my body language has changed and with it changed many things about my personality. 

Any roadblocks that you faced in your journey?

Difficulties motivated me to push myself hard and achieve my goals. I took all those difficulties as a challenge and conquered them. There were things like stable weight for months, times when I binged eat on unhealthy things, seeing my friends eating tasty food and refraining yourself from joining them. For a foodie teenager like me avoiding junk was the biggest problem. 

Any inspirational words for other weight loss enthusiasts? 

As I was inspired by Hrithik Roshan, I used to set his wallpaper on my desktop and mobile. His wallpaper helped me in avoiding the urges to pick a chips or namkeen around me. 

If you have decided that you want to lose weight, then you will lose weight someday. If you are determined, then nobody can stop you from achieving what you want. 

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