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Green Coffee Bean Extract Uses and Side Effects

Green Coffee Bean Extract Uses and Side Effects

The health industry is abuzz with the wonders of green coffee beans extract. If all this is leaving you confused, fret not. Read on to know all about the Green Coffee Bean Extract uses and side effects.

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

When we think of coffee beans, we think of the beautifully roasted seeds with the classic aroma that makes coffee lovers crave for a fresh cup every day. But, before they are roasted or treated, coffee beans are green in color and are found inside a beautiful red berry.

Green coffee bean extract is derived from these unroasted seeds after they are soaked and concentrated. Green coffee bean uses have come into the forefront after people have started to look for options for a healthier lifestyle.

When coffee beans are roasted they become high in antioxidants. However, a very beneficial natural substance called chlorogenic acid reduces when coffee beans are roasted. This chemical makes green coffee bean extract extremely useful in weight loss. It is known to reduce carb absorption, block the accumulation of fat, boost weight loss and also regulate the sugar level in the body after every meal.

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Pure green coffee bean extract does not smell or taste like coffee.  So, if you are not particularly fond of coffee, this is perfect for you.

How Much Caffeine Is In Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Green coffee bean extract definitely contains a good amount of caffeine. This is one of the reasons why the green coffee bean uses have often been debated. However, what is important to know is that it contains lesser caffeine than roasted and brewed coffee.

The limited research on green coffee bean extract makes it hard to determine the exact quantity of caffeine in one cup of brewed green coffee. Some studies and green coffee bean extract reviews say that 1 cup contains 5% less caffeine than regular coffee. Others say that it is almost ½ the amount of regular coffee or equal to one cup of decaf.

Because of the caffeine content, green coffee bean extract side effects cannot be ignored. So, limiting the caffeine consumption helps you get the best Green Coffee Bean Extract for weight loss. This is possible to measure when you look for supplements containing this ingredient. These supplements usually come in the form of capsules and will contain between 20-50mg of caffeine per capsule.

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How To Use Green Coffee Bean Extract?

We all have ample information about regular coffee, but most people are confused about how to take green coffee bean extract for weight loss. There are several options available and you can choose the best green coffee bean extract for weight loss based on your preference.

Brewing Green Coffee

Like regular coffee, green coffee can also be brewed. But, remember that it will taste very different from regular coffee. You can get green coffee bean seeds in stores and even online. You can make a powder or even green coffee bean extract at home. To make the powder, just grind the seeds as is. Now, these seeds are harder to grind as they are not roasted and will require a heavy-duty grinder.

Green Coffe Bean Extract For Weight Loss

If you want to make a good green coffee bean extract for weight loss –

  1. Soak the seeds overnight
  2. Boil these seeds in water on a very high flame.
  3. After just one boil, you can simmer it for a few minutes, stirring constantly.
  4. Since making green coffee bean extract is time-consuming, make large batches and store them in the refrigerator for about three days.
  5. Once the mixture cools down, strain it to get a concentrated extract.
  6. When you make a powder, you can mix it with hot water, strain it, add some honey for taste and consume it.

As for the extract, it is best when consumed directly. You can also add some hot water and honey for better taste. There are several additives that you can include in your brew such as cardamom or cinnamon. This not only makes it taste better but will also give you added health benefits. If you do not have the time to make the extract at home, you can buy green coffee bean extract online and use it. The price of green coffee bean extract is not too high and is definitely worth the time that you will save by avoiding making it at home.

Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Good For Weight Loss?

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The most important of all green coffee bean uses is its role in weight loss. It was made popular by a TV show that discusses common health and lifestyle related issues. There are three studies that are taken as popular references to understand the effect of green coffee bean extract on weight loss:

  • The effect of chlorogenic acid on glucose absorption
  • Effect of chlorogenic acid enriched coffee on weight in overweight individuals.
  • Effect of green coffee extract (Stevol) on lean to fat mass ratio and weight loss in overweight individuals.

All the studies revealed that the effect of green coffee bean extract on weight loss was quite significant in comparison to the control group. There are some researchers who say that the size of weight loss is not very large. Nonetheless, benefits of green coffee bean extract on weight loss cannot be ignored. This is because the mechanism of weight loss with green coffee bean extract is quite simple.

The main active ingredient as we know is chlorogenic acid. This compound helps absorb carbohydrates from the digestive system, which means that insulin spike and blood sugar is lowered. In other words, it is like having a low carb diet. The other benefits include a reduction in the fat absorption from food, reduced storage of fats in the liver and an improvement in the performance of adiponectin, which is a fat burning hormone.

How To Take Green Coffee Bean Extract For Weight Loss?

For green coffee bean extract to aid in weight loss, the amount that you consume plays a very important role. Typically, the amount of chlorogenic acid in the extract plays a very important role in determining the quantity.

  • On an average,  you can consume between 240-300mg of green coffee bean extract each day to make it more effective.
  • If you are consuming a supplement, you can read up about the dosage in the instructions.
  • Usually, it is recommended that you take one serving before every meal at least 30 minutes before you eat.
  • On the other hand, if you are drinking or directly consuming the extract, you can drink about 2-3 cups each day to see any significant improvement in your weight loss regime.
  • Make sure you do not exceed the recommended dosage as it may lead to unwanted green coffee bean extract side effects.

Most importantly, it is recommended to consume Green Coffee Bean Extract under the supervision of a nutritionist or a qualified dietitian.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Uses and Benefits

  1. Reduction In Blood Pressure: An early research conducted on Japanese adults revealed that with the consumption of green coffee bean extracts that contained between 50-140mg of chlorogenic acid, blood pressure is significantly reduced in individuals with untreated or mild high blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure, the studies revealed, reduced by 5-10mmHg while diastolic blood pressure reduced by 3-7mmHg.
  2. Managing Obesity: Studies conducted on specific brands of green coffee bean extracts showed that obese adults lost close to 3.5 kilos more than a control group in 8 weeks. This is when they consumed the extract about 5 times each day.
  3. Alzheimer’s disease: Although there is insufficient evidence for this, it has been seen that those who consume green coffee bean extracts can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease when they are diagnosed to be prone to it. It also prevents the disease in healthy adults.
  4. Type 2 Diabetes: Since green coffee bean extract naturally reduces the blood sugar levels, it is very useful in controlling Type 2 Diabetes. When consumed regularly, it has been observed that it can actually reduce the chances of developing the condition altogether. Obesity is one of the main causes of Type 2 Diabetes. Since green coffee bean extract helps manage obesity, it indirectly controls the onset of Type 2 diabetes.

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Who Can Consume Green Coffee Beans Extract?

It is necessary to understand how to take green coffee beans for weight loss in order to make the most of its several health benefits. Quantity does matter but there are some individuals who are more prone to green coffee bean extract side effects than others. Of course, some ingredients and supplements may not suit everyone. So, consulting your physician before adding any supplements to your food is mandatory.

In general, here is a list of individuals who should either avoid or consult a health expert before taking green coffee bean extract and supplements: 

  1. Those under 18 years of age: Green coffee bean extract is only recommended for adults who are looking for a good weight loss program. That said, you need to make sure that it is only a supplement and not the only means to lose weight.
  2. Pregnant women: In general pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid the consumption of caffeine. Therefore, green coffee bean extract is not recommended.

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  1. Individuals with a high level of Homocysteine: Homocysteine is an amino acid that is often associated with heart conditions. When you consume a lot of chlorogenic acid over a short period of time, the level of this enzyme increases drastically, leading to associated health issues.
  2. Those with anxiety: Caffeine in green coffee bean extracts can lead to anxiety attacks. Therefore, those with a pre-existing anxiety disorder must avoid it completely.
  3. Those with bleeding disorders: Caffeine in the extract can make bleeding conditions worse.
  4. Those with diarrhea: It is a known fact that caffeine works as a laxative. So, for those with diarrhea, the condition will get worse with the consumption of any caffeine rich product.
  5. Glaucoma: Caffeine is known to increase the pressure inside the eye. This process begins in less than 30 minutes of consumption and can last for over an hour after.
  6. Those with heart diseases: If you take large doses of caffeine in a short duration, homocysteine levels increase. There are some components in green coffee bean extracts that are known as diterpenes that can increase cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart-related conditions.
  7. Osteoporosis: With consumption of caffeine, calcium is flushed out from the body in the form of urine. This makes bones week. For those with osteoporosis, the consumption of caffeine should not exceed 300mg each day. That is an average of 2-3 cups a day. Some women have difficulty processing Vitamin D after menopause. They must be extra cautious when consuming any product that may contain caffeine such as green coffee bean extract.

The caffeine in green coffee bean extracts can lead to the aggravation of existing health conditions. While it is known to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure, for those who have a pre-existing condition should make sure that they control the amount of green coffee bean extract consumed in a day to prevent any altered reaction.

5 Common Side Effects Of Green Coffee Bean Extract
There are several green coffee bean extract side effects that require you to be cautious when you consume it. Some of the most common side effects include:

  1. An upset stomach
  2. Anxiety
  3. Headaches
  4. Rapid heartbeats
  5. Jitteriness

These side effects of green coffee bean extract are aggravated when you are consuming medicines for any preexisting health condition. Since caffeine interferes with the reaction of the medicine, you should be extra cautious if you are already under medication for:

  • Menopause
  • Lung diseases
  • Heart conditions
  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Weak bones

You must also make sure that green coffee bean extract is not consumed along with other caffeine rich supplements or any herbal stimulants.

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