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Guide to Appetite Control- Eat Less for More

Written By Urja

Guide To Appetite Control- Eat Less For More

A guide to appetite control is much needed when your food intake keeps standing in the way of effective weight loss!

Appetite control strategies are meant to prevent overeating and mindless binging, thus aid in weight loss. The trick is not just to make the stomach quieter, but flatter too. Unfortunately that seems like a hard task when there is a protest from the stomach and the will power goes down.

Why most diets fail is not just due to hunger pangs. A person generally feels low on mood and low on energy when they are deprived of sugary, fatty foods. Don’t worry. Taking control of hunger is not all difficult. All you need to follow are a set of simple hacks to fool your brain into thinking that you are full.

There is a big gap between swallowing of the food, and the registering done by the brain for any satiation. This gap increases when food is eaten and swallowed at a steady pace, without the person feeling full. And this is when overeating takes place. Avoid this to happen by chewing what you eat slowly and properly. This way you enjoy the flavor of the food more, and give more time for the stomach and brain to align themselves!

Don’t skip breakfast

It’s no secret why you should eat less to lose more weight. But there are some meals that you cannot afford to take lightly. Breakfast is one of them. Your metabolism needs a healthy amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for it to keep going for the rest of the day. Load up on satisfying and nutritious foods right in the morning so that you are set for the rest of the day!

Tip: Start your day with eggs that will act as a big appetite suppressant and leave you satisfied until lunch. You will also consume fewer calories throughout the day.

When you eat a protein rich and fibre-rich diet, you are doing yourself a huge favor as you eat meals that are nutritionally high, without loading up on unwanted calories. This is why nutritionists all over the world suggest a meal plan that abounds in fruits, vegetables and other antioxidant rich foods. Proteins would also help you sustain the energy making you feeling good and bright all day long. A simple quick fix would be to add a scoop of whey protein or any other protein powder to your smoothies or shakes to make them even more wholesome!

Oatmeal is higher in fiber and protein. Make delicious oatmeal recipes for breakfast to start your day with a protein-rich and low-calorie diet. Having a flavorless snack between meals also helps!

Drink lots of water

When one is dehydrated, even then the feeling of emptiness can sink in. Drinking more than 2 litres of water is imperative to weight loss. This is because the symptoms of dehydration are often confused with that of that of hunger. So keep your water intake high and steer clear of all unnecessary snacking!

Eating smaller meals more regularly will aid in more ways than you could possibly think of. First of all, constant snacking when you’re bored or feeling low will stop. Then you are advised to eat even when you’re not hungry with frequent meals, hence you are cheating on hunger altogether. Last but not the least, you are giving your metabolism, and the overall feel-good factor a boost!

There are certain dietary supplements that you could resort to cut the problem at the source. Appetite suppressant supplements help to minimize cravings, and thus achieve the desired fat-loss. Garcinia Cambogia and other fat burners can come to your rescue, but there are other items right in your kitchen that can also help you to reach your weight-loss goals. Keep reading!

There are some foods that aid in weight loss in a way that they help in quieting the appetite and suppress all irrational cravings. These food items send a signal to your brain that you’re done eating and you are full. Apples, nuts, seeds and all are some of the foods to decrease your appetite. Curb cravings for both sweet and salty foods with dark chocolate. Increase satiety with some other ingredients like vinegar, cinnamon as well as chilli powder. Then you could always rely on vegetable soup to bulk up your meals!

One of the key determinants of the right amount of appetite control is the right amount of exercise. Exercise can actually decrease your appetite, while also helping to burn the calories you have consumed. Last but not the least, the best way to control your hunger is to have an adequate control over your mind. Once you stop seeing food as something of a refuge from boredom or stress, half the battle is won there and then!

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