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Monsoon Hair Care for Men

Written By HealthKart
Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Dampness and excess moisture are the givens of the monsoon season that we all have to deal with. As much as we love the pleasant weather after a scorching summer, one does dread some of the monsoon side effects— especially those on the hair. Although when we talk of bad hair days in monsoons, the focus is largely on women, men do not have it easy during the monsoons either. If you are a man for whom managing hair during the rainy season becomes an everyday ordeal, here are a few easy tips on hair care for men that can be of great help.

Best Monsoon Hair Care Tips for Men

Men or women, there is no escape from the rainwater and its hazards. Whether carrying an umbrella or donning a raincoat, men cannot get away from the ill effects of rainwater. Men are generally sweaty and it becomes worse during the monsoon owing to the dampness. 

If not handled with care, the scalp can become a breeding ground for germs and fungus. The dirt and grease that sticks to the scalp can be messier. The points mentioned below on monsoon hair care for men are perfect for the season and can be followed without much fuss:

1. Keep Your Hair Clean and Dry

Whether your hair is exposed to the rainwater directly or not, the germs and pollutants around can harm your hair. Make washing the hair regular hair care for men routine to keep it clean. Hair in the monsoon should not be kept wet for a long time. The dampness around is bad and wet hair can make it worse. So, dry your hair immediately after a wash. Do not be too harsh i.e., do not rub your hair with a towel but simply dab it dry. Else, you will be pulling out strings of hair. 

If you have been outdoors, then immediately dry your hair with a towel after you return home and then wash it with a mild shampoo. Mix equal portions of vinegar and water and rinse hair with the mixture to avoid itchiness and frizziness.

2. Extra Care for Oily Hair

Excess oil in the season can be an issue for some men. Even if the hair is not normally oily, the dampness around it tends to make it oily and can be very troublesome. You can still handle the excess oiliness by applying freshly extracted lime juice to the scalp minutes before having a hair wash. Lime absorbs all the excess oil and cleans your scalp.

3. Don’t Forget Conditioning Your Hair

Men cannot do away with the frizziness by tying their hair up like women. They need to compulsorily handle this issue. Men should pamper their hair a bit more during the monsoon with conditioners to keep their hair soft and manageable. Moisturisers and oil are great for their hair in the monsoon. They can still do away with the conditioners in other seasons but not during the monsoon. This is one of the most important hair care tips for men.

4. Oil Your Hair to Avoid Infections

Oiling the hair at regular intervals as a preventive measure for infections is better than waiting for one to erupt and then going for a remedy. Coconut oil is the most preferred oil for a light massage during the monsoon. The antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties along with the nutrients loaded in coconut oil are indispensable for scalp health during the monsoon. 

Coconut oil has Vitamin E that helps deal with the frizz in the monsoon. Massage the scalp with warm coconut oil for enhanced results. Keeping the scalp clean and healthy is the key to being stress-free about the hair during the rainy season.

5. Guard Your Hair Against Dandruff

The best hair care for men always includes treatment for dandruff. The excess moisture around will make the hair damp which can be a breeding ground for infections. This will result in itchiness and dandruff. Dandruff is a common issue in men and can aggravate during the rainy season. Massaging the hair with neem oil minutes before a hair wash can arrest the issue.

6. Say a Big No to Styling Products

Styling the hair for men means the use of gel and wax. Excess oil and dampness are already an issue during the rainy season for men. Using gel and wax will make the hair more moist and sweaty which is not a good idea. If styling is inevitable, using water-based products can resolve the issue.

7. Use the Right Comb

Using the right comb can solve a lot of hair issues. If you have to remove tangles, then it is best to comb when wet, though it is not a good idea. Hair is weakest when it is wet and will be prone to breakage and split ends. But removing tangles when the hair is wet is easier. However, using a wide-tooth comb can solve this dilemma.

8. Sport a Short Haircut This Monsoon

Short hair is convenient to manage and can prove to be the best monsoon hair care for men. The scalp gets sweaty easily for men and even more during the rainy season. Sporting a short haircut can give respite from hair issues. Go for a stylish undercut to get more creative. You can also choose a haircut that suits your facial contour. Short hair will require less attention and will be comfortable, especially if you tend to be busy with very less time for grooming.


Monsoon is a menace to the hair. Frizziness, dandruff, infections, and hair fall are serious problems that are a concern during this season. Hair care for men is equally important as it is to women. All the hair issues, if not addressed appropriately, can cause a lot of damage to the men’s crowning glory. It may lead to severe hair fall and alopecia eventually. The hair care tips for men mentioned above can do well only when followed regularly. 

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