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How to detox after a new year party

Written By Saurabh Monga

How to detox after a new year party

Health might take a detour after new year party celebrations. And this calls for a detox plan to get your health and wellness back on track. Wondering how to detox after a new year party? Come, let’s read and explore!

Here we bring you 5 easy and effective ways to detox your body after a new year party celebration. There is no rocket science in detoxing your body after a party. Just a few simple things to follow, and you shall be back on track.

Drink lots of water 

It is one of the simplest and effective ways to detox after a week of partying for Christmas and New Year. Water intake helps hydrate your body, flushes out toxins and helps in muscle recovery. Green tea and fresh lime water are also great health-packed fluid options to go for. 

Eat light food; Include Fresh Juices

Eating and many times overeating are quite common during a new year party. Fried & fatty foods, lots of sweets and spicy dishes are the flavor of any happening party. So, after a new year party, you need to go light on your daily diet. Add healthy foods, fresh fruits, and green leafy vegetables to your daily intake. Adding different kinds of non-fatty salads sprinkled with healthy seeds and dressed with olive oil is a great option to go for. In addition to this, drinking juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables can be a great way to detox.

Let’s watch a cool video on Detox Juice Recipes (YouTube Video Source: HealthNut Nutrition) 

Kick-start an exercise regime

For those who gave a break to their exercise routine during the party week and for those who never followed one – please start exercising regularly. A regular exercise schedule will help you burn all the extra calories that you put on during the party week. It will not only help your body stay in shape but will also make you feel fresh and healthy after a crazy & exhausting party week.

Go for Meditation and Yoga

When it comes to health and wellness, Meditation and Yoga can work wonders. Starting and continuing with a basic routine of meditation and yoga can be very helpful in restoring your energy levels and making you feel light and healthy after an exhaustive week of overeating, sleeplessness and partying.

Avoid alcohol

Rum, Beer, whiskey, vodka, wine, and lots n lots of cocktails… This is a common sight of celebration at any new year party celebration. So, after this crazy intake of alcohol, it’s good to stay away from it during your detox period. Doesn’t matter if you are a regular or an occasional drinker; avoid drinking alcohol during this detox period. Your body needs to flush out the toxins and staying away from alcohol will immensely help regain your health and wellness.

We know that celebration and enjoyment have no limits. But you should understand that the same does not apply to our body. Know your limits, enjoy yourself and do not forget to detox every time you indulge in overeating and drinking.

So, party hard… but do not ignore health in the process.

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