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How To Exercise At Home During Coronavirus Lockdown

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

Home exercise during coronavirus and lockdown

In these difficult times when our movement outside our homes has been severely restricted due to the outbreak of the global pandemic SARS-Coronavirus virus’19; it has become imperative that we keep our body in good health by exercising indoors. Maintaining our physical fitness helps us in strengthening our immune system so that we may fight against any infection or diseases looming above us.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also recommended that all healthy adults should do at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day and kids should be physically active for at least an hour or two per day even when staying at home. Most of us are working from home during the quarantine period, and for such people, it is essential to check their sitting postures regularly. Instead of sitting for long hours at a stretch, try to take breaks in between, stand up, stretch your body regularly and try some home workout exercises.

Here are some of the best total body home workout tips that you can incorporate in your daily life during these 21 days of lockdown period:

  1. Start your day with some yoga
Yoga exercise

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that helps you to be strong and healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. You can perform some of these yoga’s like:

  • Surya namaskar: One set of Surya Namaskar asana consists of 12 steps and performing it even for one time can burn approximately 13.90 calories. You can repeat this exercise about 12 times. This is one of the best full body home workouts, which helps in proper digestion of food, weight loss, reduces blood sugar levels, battles insomnia and more. 
  • Anulom Vilom and Kapalbhati

We have seen our elders perform Anulom Vilom and Kapalbhati every morning but have you ever tried it yourself? If not then this is the time to start doing these yoga exercises at home. Anulom Vilom helps in increasing oxygen supply to your body, circulating positive energy, calming your mind, and removing the blockages from the arteries. It is also beneficial for people with sinus and migraine problems. Kapalbhati is one of the best home exercises for abs without equipment and is known to strengthen your diaphragm and abdominal muscles. These exercises will also help you fight against cold and cough, which are some of the Coronavirus symptoms. Yoga improves your immune system and thus increases the capability of your body to fight against the deadly virus.

  • Butterfly Yoga

The butterfly pose yoga is an excellent exercise at home for women as it helps in strengthening the pelvic muscles. It helps in stretching the groins, inner thighs, and knees. It is also known to relieve depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

  • Dhanur asana

Dhanur asana helps in better digestion and appetite, helps people with gastrointestinal problems, supports weight loss, improves blood circulation, strengthens your back and shoulder muscles and improves flexibility. So, if you are looking for an excellent upper body workout at home then try doing Dhanur asana.

  1. Brisk walking along with some warm-ups
Brisk walking along with some warm-ups

You can take 45 mins to 1-hour walk on the terrace but make sure it shouldn’t be just strolling. Along with brisk walking, you can also incorporate some warm-up exercises like jumping jacks, skipping, stretching, etc. These are some of the best and easiest exercises to do at home.

3. Home gym workout

Home gym

If you are missing lifting weights at the gym, then why not try doing the same at home using two sacks of rice or atta or even two bottles of water. Confused right? In place of dumbbells, why not try doing lunges using two 5 kg bags of rice ( in place of two 5 kg dumbbells). This is one of the best home exercises for men and women if you cannot lift 5 kgs then try doing lunges using two 1 litres of bottles (filled with water) in each hand. With the same bottles, you can also do some arm exercises at home like bicep curls, upright row, rear delt fly and triceps kickbacks.

4. Fat Home exercise for abs

Fat Home exercise for abs

There are a lot of activities that help in reducing your belly and strengthen the ab muscles. You can do full crunches, reverse crunches, flutter kicks, sitting twists, half wipers, scissors, sit-ups, leg raíses and side jackknives. Try doing these ab exercises at home and see the notable change in yourself after 21 days.

5. Dance like nobody’s watching

If you do not like exercising, then put on your favourite music and start dancing like nobody’s watching you. Especially Bollywood music will surely make you lose those extra inches. 

You can check out online workout tutorials on YouTube by famous fitness experts. You can also check out the 30 minutes home workout tutorial videos by fitness expert Anand Maina which is made in collaboration with HealthKart. Utilise this lockdown time to accomplish your body goals and stay healthy.

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