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How To Stay Fit Like Celebrities During Pregnancy

Get Inspired By Kareena Kapoor Pregnancy

Love kids but scared to have some of your own? You are not alone. Potential compromise on career, irreversible bodily changes, gaining stubborn weight and a deplorable sight in the mirror are some common woes among women thinking about pregnancy.

Gone are the days when pregnancy was a taboo and stepping out of home for a woman in her last trimester was a big deal. Thanks to these celebrities who influence our minds anyway, we know how a Kim Kardashian struts around in her 5-inch stilettoes during her pregnancy or a preggers Kareena Kapoor still flashes her smile at all major events. You just need to find your calling in matters of maternity and follow your heart. Regarding issues like routine fitness schedules, suitable dressing, super foods to deal with cravings during pregnancy, find your pick below.

Don’t perceive exercise regimen as a monster which refuses to leave your side. Whether you are trying to get pregnant or during pregnancy, don’t miss out on doing some form of physical workout like recommended yoga postures or a brisk walk for atleast 30 mins everyday. From international celebs like Kate Middleton to closer home, Lara Dutta or Shilpa Shetty all of them have sworn by popular pregnancy fitness practices like pre-natal yoga which has immensely helped them to get through those crucial nine months and also get back to fabulous shape in record time. When pregnant, stay active throughout the day in routine chores. Notice the unmistakable glow you radiate from within owing to impending motherhood and the refreshing daily pregnancy workout.

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During pregnancy, your mom or someone might tell to stuff you for the appetite of 2 people. But just consider this to be their love and nothing else, literally. Medically, you just have to eat for yourself to satiate your hunger. The baby will continue to get its nutrition through your dietary intake. If you are trying to get pregnant, it is imperative that you start eating healthy foods and include herbal supplements like Shatavari Churna, Iron & Folic Acid supplements to boost your fertility and overall health. During pregnancy consider eating at regular intervals like every 2 hours. Include lots of fresh fruits, veggies, easy-to-make salads, dairy products like milk and curd, lean meat in your diet. Avoid raw milk, unpasteurized milk, raw or undercooked meat, aerated or caffeinated drinks, raw shellfish, canned foods, licorice or mulethi( can cause pre-term labor). Smoking or drinking is a bad habit but worse if you are thinking about getting pregnant or are pregnant already. Stack your pantry with healthy late night snacks which suit your cravings but have a good nutritional quotient.

Frequent visits to your Ob/Gyn should be a ritual by now. Religiously follow your doc’s instructions on essential multi-vitamins, iron and other suppplements to be taken while trying to conceive or during pregnancy. Follow your baby’s development and gift a boost to your fatigued body and mind.

Chuck what others are saying! Listen to your body and don’t kill your desire to still look attractive. You are pregnant not a corpse! It all depends on what you are comfortable in. Your clothing range could be anything from a stylish maxi-dress to an ethnic ensemble. Pay heed to innerwear as well, visit some maternity store to buy your right wear. Feel good from inside to reflect beauty from outside and enjoy the beautiful phase of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is undoubtedly the most important phase of your life. It will leave you with unforgettable memories and a reason to cherish life forever. Don’t let your worklife, personal commitments, societal obligations keep you away from enjoying this phase to the fullest. Click pictures charting your pregnancy journey, indulge in things that are close to your heart. Take a much-needed break from the routine affairs of life and go baby-mooning with your partner or friends. Create moments that leave you with bouts of happiness.

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Acknowledge the fact that pregnancy is a reason to celebrate life and in no way does it mean to compromise on things that give you pleasure and joy. Witness life and its choicest offering with your bundle of joy, right in your arms twinkling at you!

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