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If i masturbate once or twice in a week does it effect my muscle mass , does it effect in my workout performance?

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Should I masturbate

Actually i Masturbate once or twice in a week , so i am little bit confused that my muscles decreases . So i need advice does it effect in our immune system

Hi Koushik,

Masturbation is a natural habit in both the genders during their life time. But mind you “Excess in anything is bad”. Masturbationdoes not effect immune system. Be regular on workout and have proper diet.


Hello Kowshik,

Masrubation has both good and harmful effects on body and mind.

To begin with something good:

  1. It relaxes your body.
  2. Helps you get good and sound sleep.
  3. Good for blood circulation and your heart is pumping at good rate.
  4. It burns calories.

Coming to Harmful side: Masturbation is like a Drug once you start it, it gets difficult to get rid of it. and gradually it becomes a habit than a necessity, which makes a dangerous impact on body, mind and soul. 

  1. With every ejaculation you will lose protein, calicum and minerals.( no doubt it wil be regained, but takes time).
  2. Makes you lazy.
  3. Will lose interest in lifitng heavy weights.
  4. Pelvic floor gets weaker which makes difficult to perform. 
  5. Later, desire for sex will reduce which will effect your personal life teriibly.
  6. More of it, will leave you with guilt feel within and builds inferior complexity.

Masturbation is a forced ejacultion of semen without involving sexual activities with opposite sex, better stop it right away, If your body needs to empty semen stock it will haoppend automatically though noctural emissions, and you will enjoy it more than masturbating.

Hope it will be useful.

Take care of health.


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