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Masturbate Once or Twice in a Week – Side Effects, Benefits, and Risks


Should I masturbate

Many of us have started knowing about masturbation as teenagers. However, people feel ashamed of talking about it. Masturbation is a very natural and healthy sexual activity. Most people may take masturbation as a taboo, but very few of them actually know about its plethora of benefits. Many misconceptions are heard about, like it causes infertility, hair loss, shrinks the genitals, and many more. But none of them are true. Also, there are so many questions that revolve around whether masturbation is good or bad? So, here clearing out this question with a big NO. Masturbation is not harmful or unhealthy for people at all. Instead, it has many health benefits physically and mentally. It is one of the safest activities than any other type of sex.

Masturbation Health Benefits

Research shows that there are likely to have several health benefits related to masturbation. It helps the body to relax, lowers the stress level and improves the sleep schedule. Also, it acts as a natural painkiller during periods, thus reducing the period cramp. It helps people become familiar with their sexual responses, thus helping them understand their needs for their sexual partner.

Side Effects of Masturbation

No significant masturbating effects have been seen unless it is made as a daily routine or prioritizes it above anything. Only addiction can lead to a masturbating effect. If avoided can turn out to be a big issue. It may cause you to miss out on daily work. It can also affect social events and cancel plans with a dear one.

Masturbation and Workout

Some bodybuilders or athletes believe that masturbation can harm their performance. But scientifically, it’s not true as this depends on person to person. As we know, testosterone helps build muscle and thus helps muscles synthesize protein.  So, whenever an exercise is performed, the level of testosterone increases. On the other side testosterone level also increases while performing any sexual activity or masturbation and then quickly falls after orgasm. This is why people think masturbation before workout has a negative impact, but the fluctuation is seen very slightly and is not noticeable. So, the testosterone level returns to normal after a few minutes. Similarly, masturbation after a workout doesn’t negatively impact; rather, it arouses a higher sex drive with the workout.

Masturbation Affect Hair!

Coming to another myth is masturbation or hastmaithun affects hair which is not true at all. And there is no scientific reason seen that masturbation causes hair loss. This myth may have come from the idea that semen contains proteins, and releases of it may cause hair loss. So, this is completely a myth, and there is no evidence that it is true.

Mastrubation Effect On Memory!

Another myth to be bust is that masturbation affects memory which is again not true.  Also, there is no scientific reason that proves any effect on memory; instead, it helps the body relax and positively feel. But it may affect the memory while excessive masturbating, which can lead to consuming a lot of energy and mental space. Apart from this, there is not any big issue related to memory loss.

Masturbation Effects on Kidney!

Now, most people live with the myth that masturbation affects the kidney and has a very negative impact on the body. Very few of them know that it is not correct. No masturbation effects have been seen on the kidney. There is no evidence seen like kidney failure, kidney pain and kidney disease. People are mistaken for this as nutrients and protein are lost through semen, leading to kidney damage, but there is no proof or scientific reason that suggests that masturbation leads to kidney damage.

Masturbation Effects On Brain!

Now, let’s know some more facts about how masturbation affects the brain? As this information is conflicting with some myths and rumors. So, there are no harmful effects seen on the brain through masturbation. Instead, masturbation releases a number of hormones such as Dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, testosterone, and prolactin, which influences mood and improves stamina and arousal. So, there are positive effects caused by masturbation which helps the body and brains to relax and produces mood-boosting effects.

Mastrubation Effect On Eyesight!

Another fun myth we heard is that masturbation can cause damage to eyesight. No research has proved that masturbation damages eyesight. There may be other reasons for getting poor eyesight due to age-related problems, inherited disease or any other issue. But getting low vision is not the reason for masturbation.

Masturbation and Prostate Cancer

Studies have shown that frequent masturbation reduces the risk of prostate cancer in males aged 50 and above, as per Harvard medical study school, as prostate cancer is one of the common cancers caused in men. Many things can be the reason for this cancer as men with age 50 and more get the risk of prostate cancer. It may also be due to obesity which causes cancer. In terms of masturbation, there are chances of reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

How to Stop Masterburating

From the above, it is concluded that masturbation is a very usual and natural way. And no significant side effects have been seen in doing this activity. Instead, there are health benefits of masturbation. But if someone gets addicted to this, then it can harm his health and daily life. So, it’s better to stop the addiction before it gets too late. Also no effects of nofap have been found yet, so it totally depends on person to person.

Here are some important points as to how to stop masturbating:

  • Keep yourself busy: keeping yourself busy will help in cutting down the opportunity for masturbation. Finding some suitable activities like yoga, exercise, reading books or discovering any new hobby.
  • Stop watching any adult movies: Yes, cutting out these movies or series will help in reducing the masturbation activity as it may increase your sexual feeling. So, it’s better to stop watching out.
  • Find a good therapist: If you have taken all the measures and are still unable to stop masturbation, then this is the best time to meet a good therapist, which will definitely help you out from this addiction. You will be able to know more about yourself and your desire. Feel comfortable as they are the trained people who look after these problems and it really helps people facing these issues.


What happens if you masturbate too much?

Masturbation is the most safer form of sex physically as well as emotionally. There is no risk of any infection and pregnancy. However, masturbating frequently can cause some skin irritation. But using lubricants help in avoiding any skin irritation as well.

Is it ok to masturbate once a week?

Different people masturbate at different paces. Some fap once a day, some masturbate twice a day, some masturbate once a week, and some masturbate whenever they feel horny. And it’s totally normal to do it all. So yes, masturbating once a week is normal.

Side effects of masturbation in male daily

Masturbation doesn’t lead to any health-related side effects, in general. But it may lead to some mental side effects in males. It can cause addiction, decrease in sexual sensitivity or can create an imbalance in your daily life.

Side effects of masturbation in female twice a week

There’s no side effect of masturbating twice a week in females. No health-related problems are seen. However, if done on a regular basis, it can become an addiction.

Do bodybuilders masturbate?

As masturbation and bodybuilding has no direct effect on each other, yet many bodybuilders believe that masturbating can affect their workout performance. However, there are some who believe that it helps them improve their performance. It totally depends on person to person whether they want to do masturbation after workout or before workout.

Does masturbation cause weight gain male?

Masturbation does not affect the body shapes of males. Masturbation requires the use of energy, so it burns a lot of calories, and you may lose some weight. But it doesn’t make you go thinner or fatter and is completely good for you!

Does masturbation cause weight gain female?

Masturbation does not cause weight gain in females. In fact, it may burn some fat or lose calories after masturbating more than once a day as it exhausts your energy. But it does not help you to gain weight at all.

Is it okay to masturbate once a day?

Yes, it is okay to masturbate once a day. It doesn’t have any kind of side effect. However, if done on a regular basis, it can become an addiction and decrease the sperm count. You also may face difficulty in erection.

Does masturbation cause weight loss?

Masturbation has no adverse effects on your body weight. You may lose some calories and feel fatigued if you’re masturbating more often. But it has nothing to do with weight loss.

Does masturbation affect muscle growth?

There is no direct or minimal effect of masturbation on your workout performances. Although after the orgasm, the testosterone levels fluctuate immediately. However, the change is temporary and in no way affects your muscle growth.

Does masturbation make you weaker?

Masturbation does not make you weak. It is, moreover, healthy for you if you’re not over ejaculating. Frequent masturbation can lead to addiction, which is not healthy. If you release less semen, you save more energy.

Does masturbation decrease stamina?

No, masturbation doesn’t decrease stamina. Whatever effect jerking off or orgasm has on your stamina is temporary. Eventually, your body will go back to normal.

Does masturbation burn calories?

Masturbation is an energy-intensive activity and may burn some calories. It all depends on how fast you’re masturbating and how much more you ejaculate. Also, whatever calories you burn by masturbating is very less in comparison to burning calories by regular workout.

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    • No, occasional or moderate masturbation does not cause deficiency of vitamin D, neither it can cause pain in the legs or loss of energy. However, if excessive or compulsive masturbation interferes with sexual life, and daily activities or causes physical discomfort, then it might be a sign of an underlying issue. It is advisable to consult a doctor for these issues.

  1. Im practicing for running to join forces , so need more energy and more stamina with a good speed in running but if i musterbate once a week will it effect on my practice ?

    • Masturbation is a normal activity until it affects your daily activities or sexual relationships. The frequency of once a week is considered moderate. Masturbation usually does not affect stamina or running performance, so it should not be a cause for concern.

  2. i used to be addicted but now i masturbate once a week. when i was 13-14 i fapped every night and felt tired no i wank 1 – 2 weeks

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