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Indian Vegetarian Diet to Lose Weight Fast

Written By Urja

An Indian veg diet to lose weight is the one with the right ingredients that are taken in the right proportions. Combine it with an exercise plan for fast results!

Vegetarian diets and weight loss go hand in hand. A vegetarian diet is nutritionally high but you could also load up on carbs and fats, if your meals are not chosen properly. A healthy vegetarian diet can definitely help you in weight loss, at the same time it also aids in lowering cholesterol levels, reducing high blood pressure and thus one automatically keeps away from all sorts of heart diseases!

It can be a problem or an advantage, but we Indians are used to a certain flavoring and coloring in our foods, without which our lives are incomplete. There are some simple and golden rules to follow and with minor alterations in your veg diet plan, you can actually expedite your weight loss process while giving your metabolism a serious boost!

An Indian diet is not just one that can pack all nutrition but also offer taste enough so that all cravings for spicy and oily foods are eliminated. All you have to do is change your cooking style a bit for weight loss.

Yes, you have to keep away from desi ghee and other fried products. But, don’t go to the other extreme as well. No matter how strict a diet chart you are capable of following or how dedicated you are, an Indian vegetarian food to lose weight cannot be devoid of certain macro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals unless you want to fall sick. There are certain nutrients which you will only find in fruits and vegetables which is why no diet in the world comes without them.

Dress your fruits and vegetables with squeezed lemon, herbs, garlic etc. While you can eat unlimited quantity of fruits, bananas, litchi, cheeku and mango portions should be watched. Indian spices like cumin seeds, chilli powder, coriander etc. are great for adding flavour without the calories. Haldi powder works as a fat burner of sorts.

Seeds will be great for seasoning as well. The nutritional benefits of chia seeds, flax seeds and sunflower seeds are extremely high. Also, Indian veg meals to lose weight can’t be devoid of rice, wheat, corn, milk and milk products, pulses or beans completely, no matter how much your dietician tells you to do so!

Since you’re going to keep away the ghee for some time, cook your food in refined oils such as rice bran oil and olive oil! Make upma, poha, dosa, dhokla and satisfy your taste buds as you cook them with refined oil. Saute vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, peas, tomato, carrots, beans etc in extra virgin olive oil and make a nice, wholesome soup for yourself whenever you get a chance.

When you’re on a weight-loss diet, there are certain other things to be kept in mind:

Make little changes in your lifestyle and opt for portion control. Don’t wait till you’re hungry. A low-cal diet has already been prescribed to you so if you don’t allow yourself to eat small and frequent meals, your system might go for a toss.

Avoiding fats is not the key. There are good fats and bad fats. Avoid anything that has saturated fats and avoid sugar as much as you can. This is where the role of nuts and seeds comes in. Almonds, walnuts, some kinds of seeds and various refined oils contain unsaturated fatty acids which are needed for fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E & K to be properly absorbed.

According to experts, the diet and exercise combo is the best. The key is not just to consume lesser number of calories, but also to burn the calories you consume in a safe and effective manner. Starving is not the agenda here as it might lead to muscle loss. Also, a cheat meal once in a while doesn’t do any harm!

Here is a sample weight-loss diet plan rich in fibre, antioxidants and proteins, and one that won’t be too difficult to follow!

Early Morning:
6-6:30 AM     Lime Water with Honey (1 tsp)

8-9 AM    Veg Poha and Almonds. You can have a bowl of low-fat curd if you wish!

Mid Morning:
11-11:30 AM  1 Guava with Veg Soup

1-2 PM  Rice with rajma, Low Fat Curd and Green Salad

Mid Afternoon:
4-4:30 PM  Green Tea with High Fibre Biscuit (2 pc)

5:30-6:30 PM  Veg Soup with Roasted Chana

7:30-8:30 PM  2 Chapatis with Green Leafy Vegetable and Dal

Post Dinner:
9-9:30 PM  Low Fat Milk(1 Glass)

For a few days, before and during your weight loss regime, avoid intake of alcohol and caffeine as much as you can. This is because natural detoxifying processes in the body are delayed, which might come in the way of weight loss! Pick and choose an Indian veg weight loss meal plan that makes you happy. Last but not the least, drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated and flush out unwanted and accumulated toxins in the body!

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