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Inspiring Weight Loss Transformation Story Of Navjot Singh

Written By Saurabh Monga

Weight loss transformation story of Navjot Singh

The inspiring Weight Loss Transformation Story of Navjot Singh is a perfect example of how pure dedication and focus can turn things around.

Navjot Singh, as any regular guy, loved living life to the fullest. Enjoying lip smacking junk food and not paying much attention to any diet control was a daily routine for him. In addition to this, his tight and stressful job schedule did not give him any time or motivation to either pay attention to a regular exercise routine or take care of his eating habits.  

So what changed??? Well, when you go out with friends and family and people start noticing your unfit physique, things become a bit awkward. You start feeling embarrassed when neither your clothes fit you and neither you feel fit to go out on any occasion. This is the time when you say to yourself – Stop!! Look in the mirror and Make a decision. Whether you want to continue looking like that or you want to start your journey for an ultimate fitness transformation. The choice was with Navjot, and he certainly made the right move.

Navjot decided to shun off the petty excuses of less time, job stress and what not… He decided to transform!

The Journey of 20 kgs Weight Loss in 6 months

Weight Loss Diet Plan

  1. Breakfast: 3 egg whites 1 full egg 1 brown bread and green tea.
  2. Lunch: Boiled dal, boiled rice, green vegetables, salad and 1 roti.
  3. Dinner: Vegetable salad. Late night – Apple.

Workout routine for weight loss

  • 15 minutes treadmill (running + walking)
  • 15 minutes cycling 
  • 15 minutes cardio
  • Post this single body part 4 sets each exercise with 10-12 reps.
  • Before beginning with the workout, 3 sets of chin-ups with maximum reps and pushups.
  • Post workout of single body part, sides and abs. 
Weight Loss Workout Detail

Abs – Half crunch, full crunch, leg raises, alternating leg raise. 20 reps of 3 sets each daily 

Sides – Twisting and dumbbell sides 20 reps of 3 sets  

Chest – Flat bench press, flat dumbbell press, incline bench press, incline dumbbell press and butterfly

Back – Front lat pull down, back lat pull down, seated cable rowing, single hand dumbbell rowing, and close grip.

Shoulders – Front military press, back military press, front raise, side raise, and shrugs.  

Biceps – Bicep rod, alternate dumbbell, cable press, and hammer.

Triceps – Pully push down, single hand, both hands, rope, and dips

Legs – Free squats, squats, legs extensions, leg curls, wide grip squats and calves.


Diet Plan – Fitness & Muscle Building (After Weight Loss)

  1. Pre-workout: Black coffee and one apple.
  2. Intra workout: One scoop BCAA
  3. Post workout: 6 egg white, 2 brown bread with peanut butter and 1 scoop ISOPURE Protein / Whey
  4. After two hours: Fruit salad 
  5. Lunch: Boiled chicken/Fish, boiled brown rice, vegetable salad and green veggies.
  6. After two hours: Peanuts & dry fruits 
  7. Dinner: Boiled chicken, rice and green veggies.
  8. Late Night: One apple.


Workout Routine for Fitness and Muscle Building

  • 10 minutes treadmill  – Walking + Jogging
  • For workout – Sides and abs on alternate days 


Fitness and Muscle Building Workout Detail

Abs – Half crunch, full crunch, side crunch, leg raise, alternate leg raise, hanging leg raise, and plank 

Sides – Twisting, dumbbell sides and rod twisting  

Chest Flat bench press, incline dumbbell press, incline dumbbell fly and pec dec fly and push-ups

Back –  Front lat pulldown, seated cable rowing, t – bar, single hand rowing & dead-lifts

Shoulders – Military press, Arnold press, side raises, upright rowing, front raises, and shrugs  

Biceps – Alternating dumbbell, preacher rod, standing rod, concentration, and hammer

Triceps – Pully push down, rope push down, overhead cable, both hand dumbbell, and rope

Legs – Free squats, squats, leg press, leg extensions, leg curls, wide squats and calves


Today Navjot Singh is not just someone who has lost weight but he has transformed his physique via strong muscle building and toned abs.

Navjot Singh followed the above schedule in a very disciplined manner and still follows it diligently. The idea behind this was simple – Work hard and you will get results. You need a strong motivation to begin, dedication to stay focused and willpower to never give up. 




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