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Is Green Coffee Bean Good For Weight Loss?

Written By Latika Gupta

Green Coffee Bean

Can you really lose weight with a daily dose of green coffee bean extract? Is there actually something like magical weight loss formula or its just a marketing gimmick? Let's find out!

Ever since it got mentioned on the popular Dr. Oz Show, green coffee bean is being heralded as a weight loss product that can give revolutionary results by melting the pounds of weight without exercise or diet. No matter how too good to be true it may sound, the green coffee bean extract has become a most in-demand product at almost all online and offline health food stores.

What Is Green Coffee Bean?

In simple terms, green coffee beans are simply the coffee beans which are not roasted. The un-roasted coffee beans or green coffee beans contain a high amount of chlorogenic acid, which is said to be effective in slowing down the process of glucose release in the body after every meal that helps in promoting weight loss. During the roasting of green coffee beans, most of the chlorogenic acid is lost, that is why green coffee beans are separated from normal coffee beans.

The green coffee bean extracts available in the market are made using the chlorogenic acid which is then converted in a capsule form and is sold to the customers.

What It Claims?

Though there are many websites that would give tall claims about green coffee beans’ effectiveness in weight loss, but only a few manage to back it with scientific study or proof. Most of the website quote the results of the study published in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal, which conducted a test on eight men and eight women to check green coffee bean effectiveness for weight loss. They all were given a high and low dose of green coffee bean extract in combination with placebo over the course of six long weeks to complete the experiment. Participants were also encouraged to consume the same amount of calories every day during the experiment period.

After the experiment was over, researchers concluded that each of the participants lost around 17 pounds of weight on an average. This according to the researchers can be concluded as a ‘significant weight loss’.

But, There Is A Catch!

Even though the study is being used widely as a proof to show green coffee beans’ effectiveness in weight loss, nutrition experts are still not very convinced with the results. Their first concern is that the study involves a very unconventional design and has a very low base. They also pointed out that the weight loss took place when participants were in the placebo phase, which means there is no direct impact of green coffee bean in weight loss. There is also a possibility that the participants felt motivated to slim down as their weight and diet were being monitored.

If we go by the reverse analysis of the study, it can be said that there is nothing magical about the green coffee bean extract. But, again there is nothing solid to establish that claim, which makes green coffee bean extract still a safe bet to lose weight naturally.

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