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Is Himalayan Pink Salt Really That Beneficial for Your Health?

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Himalayan Pink Salt

Known for its beautiful, natural pink colour, Himalayan pink salt is a type of salt that is mined near the majestic Himalayas in the Pakistani region. Due to the unique and innumerable benefits of Himalayan pink salt, it has often been recommended as an alternative to table salt, which can lead to several health issues. 

The reason why pink salt is great for maintaining health is its superior nutritional value. It is a storehouse of several essential minerals in the right quantity that improves your overall health. It also has a lower sodium content in comparison to regular salt, which is a primary reason for its growing popularity. 

Top Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt

Here is a list of some of the most important Himalayan Salt Benefits and its potential uses for several ailments. 

Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt for Respiratory Diseases 

The Greeks are known for using Himalayan Sea Salt to improve breathing and clear airways. One of the purest forms of salt, it is free from any toxins or chemicals. This is known to be beneficial to cleanse the respiratory system and provide relief from allergies, asthma and other conditions. It is also known to reduce issues like sinus because of its high mineral content and the ease with which it is absorbed by the body. 

Because of the innumerable benefits for the respiratory system, special pink salt inhalers have been developed. It is also used in special lamps that have the potential to remove smoke, pollen, dust and several other contaminants that can lead to respiratory issues. 

Himalayan Salt Benefits for Stress 

Although there is very little evidence with respect to this benefit of Himalayan sea salt, it is known to be useful for reducing stress. Himalayan pink salt boosts the production of serotonin in the body. This is a happy hormone which boosts your energy and relieves you from prolonged stress. So, including some pink salt in your diet can give you relief from a hectic schedule.  

Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt for Sleep 

A diet that is not rich in minerals is known to disturb your sleep pattern. Pink Himalayan salt contains vital minerals like sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium among 84 others which helps improve your sleep pattern. 

One of the main reasons for poor sleep is the production of the stress hormone, cortisol, as a result of the low mineral consumption. Cortisol can affect the production of melatonin which is produced by the body as a response to darkness. This signals your body to fall asleep. One of the well-known benefits of Himalayan pink salt is its ability to balance your sleep/ wake cycle. It is also recommended that those with sleep-related issues use pink salt lamps, diffusers and inhalers to enjoy a deeper and more restful sleep. 

Improved Digestion with Pink Salt 

According to Ayurveda pink Himalayan salt pachan and deepan properties. This refers to digestive and appetising properties, respectively. This is beneficial in solving multiple problems related to digestion, including the accumulation of gas in the stomach. Himalayan sea salt also improves peristalsis. This is the movement of food through your digestive tract. The mineral density of pink salt is also known to boost your metabolism by improving the balance of acid and alkaline in your body. 

Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt for the Heart 

Himalayan salt benefits for the heart are known globally. This is the result of several processes that are improved with regular consumption of this natural salt. First, it improves blood circulation. It is also known to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes by helping you manage your blood pressure. Because of its lower sodium levels, pink salt is highly recommended for those suffering from hypertension. 

Pink Salt Benefits for Weight Loss 

The benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt for weight loss have been studied extensively. It is known to give you desired results without major side effects. A popular preparation for weight loss is the Himalayan salt sole. It is made by leaving a handful of pink salt to dissolve in a jug of water overnight. Then consuming this water provides several weight loss benefits. 

First, unlike regular salt, which is high in sodium content, pink Himalayan salt prevents any water retention in the cells of body. In fact, it is known to remove excess water from your cells. Additionally, the rich mineral content of pink salt improves your metabolism, helping you lose weight faster. Better metabolism means better usage of the calories from your food and prevention of fat tissue formation. 

Skin Benefits of Pink Salt 

The antioxidant benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt make it a great oral and topical solution for skin-related issues. It helps eliminate toxin buildup on the skin and leaves it feeling soft and clean. Using pink salt on the skin is also known to hydrate the skin and prevent ageing. This is the result of the ability of pink salt to balance the pH levels of your skin. 

This keeps the skin free from acne as well. Ancient and traditional medical remedies also suggest that pink Himalayan salt may also provide relief from chronic conditions like eczema. 

Pink Salt for Hydration 

Although Himalayan pink salt is known to remove extra water from your cells, it is also beneficial in helping you stay hydrated. It is recommended that you consume water with a pinch of Himalayan pink salt after any strenuous activity. This is because the high mineral density of pink salt gives you the same benefits as sports drinks by helping you balance the electrolyte levels in the body. This is also useful in preventing muscle cramps. The benefits of Himalayan pink salt extend to relief from cramped muscles because of the high magnesium content. 

Side Effects of Himalayan Pink Salt

While the use of Himalayan pink salt provides you with several benefits, there may also be some side effects. However, you should restrict your consumption to 1.5-2.5 grams each day to prevent unwanted side effects. The side effects of pink salt are usually the result of excessive consumption. This includes: 

  • Kidney-related issues like kidney stones as a result of the excessive mineral consumption. 
  • Consuming pink Himalayan salt in very high quantities also tends to flush the calcium out of the body. This may cause osteoporosis in the long run. 
  • Excessive pink salt consumption can also cause high blood pressure. When consumed moderately, however, it can be highly beneficial to those with hypertension. 
  • It can also lead to a condition called hypernatremia, where the sodium balance in the blood is disturbed, causing the water from the cells to gush into the bloodstream. This leads to the fast excretion of water, leading to dehydration in extreme cases. 

There are some precautions that you need to take when you are consuming pink Himalayan salt: 

  • You have a history of allergies: It has been observed that some individuals are allergic to pink salt. It can lead to symptoms like rashes and swelling. For those who have a history of food allergies, it is very important to consult your doctor before consuming any food that has a high concentration of minerals or is considerably new to your diet. 
  • You are pregnant: There is very little understanding of the effects of pink Himalayan salt on the mother and the baby. So, it is better that you avoid using it when you are pregnant. Because of the high mineral concentration of pink salt, you must be cautious when consuming it while you are breastfeeding as well. 
  • You are currently consuming other medication: Whenever you include any natural remedy or new food in your routine, take into consideration any medicines that you are currently consuming. These preparations may interfere with ongoing medicines, causing serious side effects as well as reducing the potency of the medicine. The minerals in these salts can also trigger other symptoms that are related to your medical condition. 

How to Use Himalayan Pink Salt

When it comes to the diet, pink Himalayan salt may be used for seasoning and cooking. It is also used to preserve certain foods. 

There are other ways to enjoy the benefits of Himalayan pink salt. It can be used as a bath salt. You can also use lamps and diffusers made from pink salt, as they are known to have a positive effect on your mood, sleep cycle and overall health. 


In comparison to regular table salt, the benefits of Himalayan pink salt are clearly more. The low sodium content and the high density of other vital nutrients make it the perfect substitute, especially in our modern-day diet, which is loaded with processed foods. 

That said, make sure that you check the nutritional label of the brand that you choose. This ensures that you get good quality Pink Himalayan salt, which has great benefits like providing you with 6% of the required daily intake of iron. Also, make sure that you consume it in the right amounts to enjoy the benefits to the fullest. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Himalayan Pink Salt

Studies have shown that Himalayan pink salt is better for the body than any other dietary salt because of its unique health benefits.

Consuming 1.5-2.5 g of Himalayan salt daily is recommended to give you all the benefits without any unwanted side effects.

Drinking water with a pinch of Himalayan salt daily is good for you. This enriches the mineral content of water and improves the electrolyte levels in the body. Additionally, pink salt also acts as an antioxidant giving you benefits like better skin health when consumed regularly.

The sodium content of pink salt is lower than any other dietary salt. It is also rich in essential mineral density, making it a great alternative to regular table salt for those suffering from blood pressure-related issues. 

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