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Keto Diet For Maintaining Your Healthy Weight

keto diet

Keto diet is becoming very popular for weight loss. People use very low carbohydrates and calories in the keto fat loss diet as we use in the Atkins diet. A switch from carbohydrates to fat for energy makes it very effective. 

What is Keto Diet?

Reducing the carbohydrate intake drastically and replacing it with fat in our keto diet plan and this kind of diet or meal is called Keto Diet. This reduction of carbohydrates from our diet helps our body to stay in a metabolic state that is acknowledged by ketosis. The process makes your body highly efficient at fat burning which the body uses as energy. 

Keto meals have shown excellent insulin and blood sugar level reduction along with increased ketones which are made in the liver by fat and provide good energy supply to the brain. While making a keto meal plan generally we include keto diet foods which are high fat, moderate protein, and low carb foods that shifts our energy source from carbs to ketones and fats.

Keto Diet Foods:

Consult your dietitian for a keto diet plan, he or she will guide you the exact keto meals you should take. If you are beginners and want to know about the keto diet for beginners, you must hire a dietitian now. Here are some foods you must look upto. 

  • Meat like steak, ham, chicken, turkey, red meat, and others
  • Fish, salmon, bacon, tuna, trout, mackerel, and others
  • Poultry like eggs, duck, and others
  • Herbs, pepper, salt, and others
  • Butter and cream, unprocessed cheese, other lactose less dairy products. 
  • Healthy oils like coconut oil, avocado oil, virgin olive oil, and others
  • Low carb vegetables tomatoes, peppers, onions, and green vegetables. 
  • Nuts and seeds including pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, Almonds, flax, and others.  

Benefits of Keto Diet:

  • Reduce appetite and Lead to weight loss
  • Triglycerides, the type of fat in the blood drops drastically. 
  • Promotes the level of good cholesterol (HDL)
  • Reduce insulin and blood sugar level
  • Lowers blood pressure

Who Should Not Take a Ketogenic Diet?

People with the risk of heart disease, type 1 diabetes, pancreatic or liver conditions, nursing or pregnant women, kidney issues, or have undergone the gallbladder removal should not take a ketogenic diet. 

How Much Weight Can You Lose On a Keto Diet?

Keto diet, typically shows half kg to five kg drop  in weight in a week. Do regular exercises with the diet for better and healthier results. Keto diet is also beneficial to lean muscle gain with proper exercise. 

Is Keto Diet Good for Weight Loss?

Yes, keto diet is an excellent choice for healthy weight management. It is a high fat, moderate protein, and  low carb diet that helps to burn stored fat in your body very effectively. 

What Can I Eat On Keto to Lose Weight?

Add some very effective keto foods, if you are making a keto diet meal plan. If you are a beginner, here are the foods that you must add in your keto diet plan for beginners.

  • Cheese and other lactose free dairy products.
  • Seafoods like crabs, squid, oysters, octopus, mussels, clams, salmon, tuna, merkel, shrimp, shellfish, and other fish.
  • Low carb vegetables like green leafy vegetables, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and others.
  • Avocados, coconut oil, nuts, seeds, 

What is the Fastest Way to Lose Weight on Keto?

Low carb diet or calorie deficit diet with regular intense exercise helps you to lose weight one lbs to two lbs in a week that is the fastest way to lose weight.

Types of Diets For Weight Loss:

There are many different types of diets that are becoming popular among the people who want healthy weight that include:

Choose any type of diet and stay connected with us. We will provide you the best diet plan from the best dietitian to guide you for better weight management. Along with a weight loss meal plan, our dietitians help you to choose a PCOS Meal Plan, Non Veg Weight Loss Meal Plan,  weight gain diet plan for men as well as weight diet plan for women.

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