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Meal Replacement Shakes- A Magical Way to Weight Loss?

Meal Replacement Shake

Shane Warne, Charlize Theron, both swear by meal replacement shakes. Low calorie slim shakes help in losing weight and get in the shape. Here’s why it’s so essential.

Using slim shakes is the best-kept secret of the rich and famous to melt stubborn kilos and discover a new you. With the convenience of an instant shake and the nutrition of a healthy diet packaged in a delicious flavor, the slim shake is a fool proof way to weight loss and keeping those kilos off.  All those struggling with weight loss know that the lost kilos have a nasty tendency to bounce back. 


Your average meal is a calorically dense way to get nutrients, where sometimes you eat more than you need. As a result, you create a caloric surplus with each meal. When you replace your one meal with a meal replacement drink, you move towards caloric maintenance because you get essential nutrients in minimal calories. Below are the calories that are present in certain meals:

Meal Name Calories per serving
Chicken Korma 800-870
Tandoori Chicken 264-300
Chicken Tikka Masala 438-557
Chicken Curry 538
Rogan Josh 589
Lamb Keema 502-562
Butter Chicken 490
Naan 317 per naan
Pulav 449
Onion Bhaji 190
Chole Bhature 450
Falooda 300
Paneer Bhurji 412
Pav Bhaaji 600
Veg Samosa 260
Halwa 570
Jalebi 459
Rasmalai 250

As you can see, the usual delicacies that we like to savor are high in calories thus making weight loss a tough objective. When you replace a meal with a nutrient rich slim shake, you get the essential nutrients without the unnecessary calories.

To lose weight you’ve got to restrict your calorie intake and slim shakes are helpful in restricting calories without sacrificing on nutrition.  It has been proven scientifically that to lose weight, what you eat is far more important than how much you exercise. Not that you can discount the benefits of exercise, which include improved sense of wellbeing and health, but in our time-starved lifestyle most of us fat or fit find it difficult to wriggle in 30 minute gym session day in and day out. Several studies go on to predict that weight loss from exercise intervention is less than predicted

To make things simpler, you should cut down your calorie intake to get in the shape you desire. 

  • 1 pound (0.453kg) equals 3500 calories 
  • An average Indian meal gives you 600-900 calories along with some essential nutrients
  • One serving of Healthkart Slim Shake in a cup of skimmed milk gives 225 to 250 calories
  • Average Calorie Savings per meal: 500 
  • Calorie Savings Accumulated in a Month: 15000
  • Translated in Fat Loss: 2 Kilos

Slim shakes are a nutritious mix of high protein, low fat, and moderate carbohydrates, which are fortified with vitamins and minerals in a modest caloric package. It can be had with water or skimmed milk and it provides approximately 200 or less calories in one serving. 

Interestingly a slim shake is for anyone who wishes to control calories to lose weight. However, people suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes need to check with their doctor, before they use meal-replacement-drinks. Though, it’s accepted that loss of weight improves management of blood pressure and enables better management of diabetes. Coupled with a sensible nutrition plan and moderate exercise, meal-replacement-drink is a sure shot way to weight loss.

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