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Mesomorph Bodybuilding- The genetic elite?!

Mesomorph Bodybuilding

Mesomorphs. The genetic lucky, the ones who can build muscle and lose fat. So are there even any mesomorph bodybuilding tips? Read on!

Going by somatotype, a mesomorph is the most suited towards bodybuilding. It is a body type that can build copious amounts of muscle and lose fat relatively easily and therein lies this body type’s biggest flaw. Because mesomorphs are genetically superior to bodybuilding, it’s highly probable that they are going to mess some part of their training and/or nutrition because everything they will do will work in some way or the other.

Mesomorphs are characterized by their athletic build and small bone structure. This makes their muscles look bigger and fuller whether they are cutting or bulking. The appeal towards a mesomorph body type might be high so here are the advantages of this body type:

  • Their bodies are designed for bodybuilding
  • They can handle heavier poundages and thus an increased intensity compared to ectomorphs
  • Their recovery systems are superior and thus can recover faster from grueling training sessions
  • Broad shoulders, small waist, little body fat, a long torso and a full chest are components of a mesomorph

Like every body type, even the mesomorph must firstly determine which goal he or she wants to aspire to. This means first and foremost define whether you want to build muscle or lose fat. The yardstick here being, if you are under 15% body fat then build muscle, and if higher then lose fat.

Muscle building for mesomorphs is relatively simple because the common myth here is that even if a mesomorph breathes on a dumbell, he or she gains muscle. Not quite. The basics, i.e. maintaining a hearty amount of protein in your diet, being in a caloric surplus and lastly manipulating your macronutrients is of utmost importance. For training, most popular training programs can work which include 5×5, HIT, Y3T etc. It’s important to note that even though you are a mesomorph, you must first identify your experience in training as a beginner, intermediate or advanced lifter.

Tip: Don’t over or underestimate your potential in the gym, no matter what your body type may be.

  • The beginner mesomorph should not go for fancy training methods and instead stick to basic compound movements like the bench press, squat and other exercises that will help build a solid foundation. Sticking to a 5×5 full body workout will be most effective, in my opinion, to gain muscle as a mesomorph
  • The intermediate lifter can now move on to accessory movements to fill out the gaps in one’s physique. Although mesomorphs are genetically gifted, there will be some weak body areas. I implore you to find the accessory movements like the lat pulldown to supplement your staple exercises
  • For advanced mesomorphs, you’d need to change the programs and tailor your workout programs specifically to the lagging areas as you now are well aware of the flaws in your physique. Try out techniques like supersets, giant sets etc. for maximum development!

Nutrition is the key to any diet, and for mesomorphs although many aspect are in their favor. Bulking for mesomorphs for instance, is not all about eating cleanly. Because their bodies are adapted to store more muscle and less fat, they can use cheat meals to their advantage and thus add a good amount of muscle via junk! Now this obviously doesn’t give you an excuse to stuff your face in, but a good re-feed can take you a long way!

Cutting on the other hand needs to be done by manipulating your carbs and your fats while keeping the protein intake maximized as per your bodyweight. Be it any diet or specifically a mesomorph bodybuilding diet, you will need to play around with your calories and thus even lower down protein sometime, to decrease the overall caloric intake. Don’t think just because you are a mesomorph, that you can go full steam ahead and cut all your calories at once. This will lead to loss of muscle mass, which no matter how gifted you are genetically, is difficult to gain back. Thus the whole idea of nutrition for mesomorphs or any other body type is crucial for one’s physique.

Now a mesomorph is the bodybuilding elite, however the training for a mesomorph can be taken to the next level with proven and time tested supplements like whey protein, creatine, and a solid multi-vitamin. These supplements not only work, but also increase your size, endurance and recovery.

  1. Avoid overtraining- Overtraining exists in natural bodybuilding. Don’t strain yourself and avoid such common workout injuries.
  2. Set Realistic Timelines- Gaining 10kg of muscle in a month and losing 5kg of fat in a week are just not realistic. Set realistic timelines.
  3. Opt for healthier choices- Each macronutrient has a range of healthy choices like chicken breast for protein, sweet potato for carbohydrates and olive oil for healthy fats.
  4. Drink plenty of water.
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