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Mr. India Mukesh Gahlot Diet Plan and Workout

Written By Saurabh Monga

Mr. India Mukesh Gahlot Diet Plan and Workout

Mukesh Singh Gahlot “Guruji” is a big name in Bodybuilding. A 4 times Mr. India, Mukesh Gahlot diet plan and workout is one to watch out for all aspiring bodybuilders.

But before we jump to Mukesh Gahlot “Guruji” bodybuilding workout and diet plan, let’s get to know him first.

Mukesh Singh Gahlot “Guruji”

There are many people in India who dream to be a famous bodybuilder and work really hard for it. These people often have their idols who they look upto for inspiration. Mukesh Gahlot is one of such inspiring bodybuilders whom people idolize. No wonder he is given the respect of “Guruji”. A qualified engineer from Delhi University, Mukesh Gahlot had a love for sports since his childhood. And it is this love that led him to make his career in bodybuilding and not engineering. He started his dream by joining “The Gym” (now Dronacharya The Gym) run by Mr. Bhupender Dhawan, who is a known personality in the world of bodybuilding and has the prestigious Dronacharya award to his credit. Since then, Guruji never looked back and trained hard to achieve & become what he is today – a true bodybuilding champion. No doubt that he is considered by his fans as no less than the bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Achievements of Mukesh Gahlot “Guruji”

One man and so many achievements, you must be wondering how he did it. To simply put it – Pure Hardwork, Strong Willpower and True Dedication.

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Want to know more about his intense workout and diet plan? Well, here it is – 

Mukesh Gahlot Diet Plan

Mukesh Gahlot Workout Plan


Mukesh Gahlot is a great inspiration for everyone who believes that dreams can be achieved even if fighting with odds in life. Humble by nature and strong in stature, Mukesh Gahlot “Guruji” is a true champion in every sense of the word.

To know more about Mukesh Gahlot “Gururji” and to get great tips, have a look at the AMA (Ask Me Anything) session that he did with Healthkart on March 7′ 2012. 

Click on this link to watch the video – AMA Session with Mr. India Mukesh Gahlot “Guruji”

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