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Natural Diet For Healthy Hair

Written By Latika Gupta

Natural Diet For Healthy Hair

Believe it or not, but your mom was always right when she said that your diet plays a key role in maintaining a healthy mane. So, if you want healthy and glowing hair, include these foods in your diet.

Tired of bad hair days and brittle hair strands that break, even if you are just trying to detangle them using your fingers? You must have tried several hair products till date to bring life to your dull and damaged locks but failed due to overuse of chemicals. So, how about going natural for shiny and healthy hair?

Today, we are going to start with basics for natural hair care, and we say basics, it means we will give you some diet tips to maintain a healthy mane. Eating certain kind of foods can actually do wonders to your locks as they are packed with nutrients required for healthy hair. Not only that, choosing these specific foods will also improve your skin collagen production, hormone balance and yes, will reduce hair fallout to a great extent. Ideally, you should have never skimped on your rich diet, even if you are aiming for healthy weight loss. 

So, if you have asked yourself several times what to eat for healthy hair? here are our must-eats that will help you get strong hair.


Fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are known for their incredible healthy and beauty benefits. Fish has also always been considered one of the best foods for hair growth as it makes your strands look shiny. Almost 3 percent of your hair shaft is made of omega-3 fatty acids and they also found in the cell membranes of your scalp in the form of natural oil that keeps hair hydrated. 

Salmon is the most preferred choice when it comes to hair growth, but hair experts suggest mackerel and anchovies are better then salmon for hair loss treatment

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We all know about many health benefits of coconut, but do you know that it is one of the best natural remedies for healthy hair growth? Drinking coconut water gives your body natural hydration and its potassium content improves the movement of nutrients into our cells. High amount of vitamins K and E  present in coconut is a boon for your hair growth as they moisturize scalp and boost hair growth. Use coconut water as a pre-wash conditioner for reducing protein loss in your hair. 


Walnuts are an excellent source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which retains moisture in body, thus giving your mane a healthy looking shine. The protein rich content of walnuts boosts hair follicles, thus making them look fuller and stronger. 


Now admit it, we all hated eating green leafy vegetables when our mothers used to make us eat them forcefully. At that time, if I would have had slightest of idea about the importance of natural diet for healthy hair, I would have never relented to eat spinach. 

But, now when I know its importance for my shiny locks, I completely swear by the many amazing benefits of spinach along with other green leafy vegetables for healthy scalp and mane. Spinach comes packed with tons of vitamin A, iron, beta carotene, folate and vitamin C, that keep my hair moisturized and prevent breakage. 

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If you love your locks, then from today itself, start including more of oats in your diet. They are packed with the goodness of zinc, biotin, magnesium and potassium. If you are facing deficiency of any of these nutrients then your hair are at high risk of brittleness and breakage. An oats and berry mason jar with low fat milk and cinnamon or nutmeg drizzled over it, makes for an excellent breakfast choice. 

Greek Yogurt

A Greek yogurt smoothie in the morning can definitely make your day, but do you know apart from weight loss benefits, the protein packed content of Greek Yogurt can help you in building blocks of your locks. Vitamin B5 present in Greek yogurt also improves blood flow in the scalp and prevents hair thinning, which is one of the major cause of hair loss. 

Lean Poultry 

You put your hair growth to rest when you stop taking enough protein in your diet. It stops hair growth and makes old hair fall out in the form of consistent hair loss. To get protein, include lean poultry in your diet, pick options like chicken and turkey as they contain less saturated fat as compared to pork and red meat. 

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Sweet Potatoes

Have your hair lost their natural shine completely? Then its time to start gorging on sweet potatoes to bring that shine back as they are an excellent source of antioxidant called beta carotene. Your body automatically turns beta carotene into vitamin A, which helps and protects your hair against dullness and dryness. It also encourages hair glands in your scalp to produce natural oily fluid called sebum, which keeps your hair from drying out. Other excellent sources to get beta carotene include carrots, pumpkin, mangoes and cantaloupe. 

Last but definitely not the least, sprinkle some ground cinnamon over your breakfast cereal, your favorite cuppa, dessert or your breakfast toast. Cinnamon helps in improving blood circulation, which bring blood to your hair follicles, thus making them strong. 

Apart from these foods that will make your hair grow faster, make sure you follow shampoo and post-wash conditioner ritual for your hair at least twice a week. Avoid blow drying and chemical filled hair care products as much as possible. Oil your hair at least once a week to keep your scalp healthy. A little bit of care today can help you in long run to have healthy and shiny mane. 

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