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North Indian and South Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Written By Latika Gupta

Diet Plan

Many people ask about the effectiveness of a diet plan to lose weight. While the answer to this question is in all probability yes, but there is more to it!

Well you certainly can lose weight with a healthy and well measured diet plan, here with ‘well measured’ we mean a calorie measured diet plan. But there are alternatives to it, which you must consider before jumping on to any conclusion.

No one can lose without going for a healthy and well balanced diet, However, if you think that taking fat loss supplements and not compromising on your food habits can help you achieve results, then you are wrong. You must make compromises in your diet and also include some exercise in your regimen to lose weight easily and effectively.

Same way, if you are on diet and eating very little throughout the day, then your body will become weak as you will be reducing on your energy level. This doesn’t count as healthy weight loss, because hunger strike is certainly not a solution to your problem. Once you will start taking proper diet again, you will start gaining weight, which will make all your efforts futile.

Therefore, to reduce weight there must be a proper diet plan in place that can help you lose weight while giving enough energy to your body at the same time.

What is the 1200 Calorie Diet Plan?

The 1200 calorie diet plan is no miracle, instead its a just another healthy way of losing weight, wherein you control your urge for unhealthy food without giving up on your taste buds completely. Also, you not need to sweat yourself our in gym for hours, instead follow a simple 15-20 minutes cardio routine that will aid you in weight loss along with diet plan. This diet is comparatively easy as compared to other diet plans like Paleo Diet, all you have to do for this is to practice self control and maintain will power.

Although, the 1200 calorie diet is highly recommended for effective loss, it is not considered suitable for people with very active lifestyles as they need more calories to keep their body function properly.

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Foods That Should Not Be A Part Of Your 1200 Calorie Diet Plan

Gorging on unhealthy foods is surely not going to make your 1200 calorie diet a successful step towards healthy weight loss. In order to achieve best results out of your diet plan, make sure you banish the following food items completely from your diet. trust us, these the worst foods to eat while you are trying to lose weight.

●    Sugary aerated drinks
●    Cheese, butter and ghee
●    White rice, white flour, white bread, pasta
●    Fried and oily snacks
●    Tea and coffee with milk and sugar
●    Red meat
●    Sweets and desserts
●    Alcoho

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Foods That Should Be A Part Of Your 1200 Calorie Diet Plan

Substitute your calorie dense and unhealthy food items with nutritious organic food that promote quicker weight loss. Moving from unhealthy junk to healthy food also helps in achieving long term health goals. Some of the food items that you must include in your diet plan are:

●    Green Leafy Vegetables
●    Unpolished brown rice
●    Multigrain flour, bread and pasta
●    Fresh fruits
●    Beans, legumes and lentils
●    Lean meats like chicken and fish
●    Dairy products such as milk, yogurt and curd
●    Green tea and herbal tea

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North Indian 1200 Calories Diet Plan

A traditional north Indian diet plan includes a lot of thick curries, rich and tasty gravies, paranthas, spices, cottage cheese, meats, etc. But your weight loss diet should not  include all the delicacies that you love to savor on. Though you can add chicken and other health stuff,, which is tasty too, but in moderation only. Here, we give you a generalized North Indian weight loss diet plan to kick start your weight loss journey, you can always be a little innovative with it by including foods of your choice with same or lesser amount of calories.

Meal Time What To Eat Number of Calories
Early Morning 1 Glass lukewarm water with lemon juice 0
Morning Tea without sugar + 2 marie biscuits 80
Breakfast 1 Parantha + 1 cup curd 240
Mid-Morning 1 Serving of seasonal fruit 70
Lunch 1 Bowl brown rice + 1 bowl urad dal + boiled chicken (100gm) 440
Evening 1 Glass Lassi without sugar 90
Dinner 2 Roti + 1 bowl of mixed vegetables 260
Total Calories 1190

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South Indian 1200 Calories Diet Plan

South Indian diet and rice are like a match made in heaven, because of which no South Indian meal is considered complete without the inclusion of rice it. From delicious biryanis to seasoned rice with tomatoes, pudina, tamarind and most importantly curry leaves are a part of every South Indian household. Top it with the wide use of lentils for dosas, vadas, uttapam, etc. Undoubtedly South Indian cuisine is a medley of flavors.

Here is a generalized South Indian diet plan that you can begin to follow for healthy weight loss. Creativity and innovation in the menu are always welcomed only if you are counting your calories wisely.

Meal Time What To Eat Number of Calories
Early Morning 1 Glass lukewarm water with lemon juice 0
Morning Black coffee without sugar + 2 marie biscuits 60
Breakfast 1 Idlis/ 1 plain dosa 200/120
Mid-Morning 1 Serving of seasonal fruit 70
Lunch 1 Bowl brown rice + 1 bowl sambhar + 1 cup mixed vegetables + baked fish (100gm) 510
Evening 1 Glass butter milk 100
Dinner 2 Roti + 1 bowl of mixed vegetables 260
Total Calories 1200/1120

Benefits of Following A Diet Plan For Weight Loss 

The importance of having a well defined diet chart in hand can be easily summarized in the below mentioned points:

●    With diet plan you will eat limited as mentioned in the chart, thus no scoop of over eating.
●    All the food items included in diet plan are healthy that help you maintain weight.
●    The diet chart food contains minimum to no oil food items, thus providing protection against several diseases.

Though, a 1200 calorie diet plan is a great way to lose weight quickly in a healthy manner, still, it is best to couple it with a regular workout schedule to have a fit body in the long run.

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