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Parsley Juice — Benefits, Recipe, and More

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Parsley Juice

Parsley is a powerful herb that has a plethora of benefits to offer. It is mostly used to garnish several dishes. It is actually an extremely underrated herb that brings you tonnes of health benefits. No matter how unusual it may sound, adding parsley juice to your diet can bring you amazing results within just a few weeks. 

If you are a fan of juices and smoothies, make sure you add this one to your routine. Proven to be one of the best fat-cutter drinks that bring results sooner than you can imagine, there are several other parsley juice benefits you can enjoy once you start taking this drink.

Not familiar with it? We have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know regarding the juice, including its benefits and recipe.

Is Parsley Juice Safe for Your Health?

Parsley leaves are extremely powerful, for they are rich in several minerals, vitamins, and oils. Moreover, the parsley juice recipe is extremely easy that everybody can try. 

However, many of you may not like its taste. Therefore, the best possible way to have the juice is to incorporate other fruits like apple, carrot, lemon, and cucumber into it. Make sure you add a little ginger to the juice as well to enhance its health benefits. Adding some lettuce and spinach can help make the drink even healthier.

Make sure the proportion of the parsley leaves is lower than other ingredients. Parsley leaves stimulate uterine contraction and may be used to start menstrual flow in women. Therefore, if you are planning a pregnancy or are pregnant, avoid this juice and limit your parsley intake for the time being.

Some people may also develop allergic reactions to parsley juice. Therefore, always start with a small quantity of juice to test. Apart from these conditions, parsley juice is absolutely safe and healthy if you are taking it in moderation. We are sure once you know the numerous parsley juice benefits, you would surely want to try it out. 

Parsley Juice Benefits in Your Diet

There are a lot of benefits of including this juice in your diet. Let’s look at some of the major parsley juice benefits so that you can try it as soon as you can!

  1. Parsley contains a high level of Vitamin K, which aids faster wound healing by helping the blood to clot. 
  2. These leaves also contain Vitamin A which boosts your immune system. It is also good for your eye health. 
  3. Parsley leaves are a rich source of Vitamin C and therefore the juice is great for someone suffering from diseases like cold, flu, diabetes, or asthma. The juice boosts your immunity and helps keep infections at bay.
  4. Parsley juice is a rich source of potassium which helps in regulating your blood pressure levels and fluid balance in your body. 
  5. Parsley leaves are diuretic. They have a huge role in reducing inflammation and irritation. If you make it with some cranberries, it will be one of the healthiest herbal drinks to have.
  6. Parsley leaves are rich in folate and iron. They help in making red blood cells in the bone marrow and are therefore good for those with low haemoglobin count. Parsley juice helps prevent iron deficiency. 
  7. Parsley leaves contain several oils like eugenol, limonene, myristicin, and alpha-thujene, which are chemoprotective. They help to boost your immune system and make you stronger in the long run.
  8. Parsley juice also helps in improving brain function and enhances nerve signals in your body. 
  9. It is known to play a significant role in helping patients suffering from kidney stones, as well as promote bone health and prevent osteoporosis.

These are the major benefits of parsley leaves. Preparing the juice with other fruits/veggies will not only make it taste better but its health factor will also enhance, for all the fruits have their own benefits to offer. 

Parsley Juice Recipe — Making a Glass of Good Health

The parsley juice recipe is no rocket science. It is an extremely simple preparation that only requires a maximum of two to three steps. Here’s the recipe:

  1. Cut the parsley leaves finely.
  2. Take a few cucumber cubes, a lemon, and an apple to add them to the juice.
  3. Make sure you take some ginger or ginger paste to add to it. It makes the drink even tastier and healthier.
  4. Add some carrots, spinach, and lettuce leaves if you want. They will enhance the health benefits offered by the parsley leaves. They will also make the drink more delectable.
  5. Mix all the fruits along with the leaves in the mixer grinder.
  6. Add a little bit of water to it so that the consistency remains juicy.
  7. Take the entire juice in a glass, garnish it with your favourite nuts, berries, or fruits like grapes, dates, almonds, or apples and serve it immediately.

You can definitely alter or add more fruits as per your palate. It is an extremely healthy juice that boosts your metabolism. Have it on a regular basis to see improvements in your health soon.


Parsley leaves are amongst the healthiest herbs you can come across. It contains several kinds of vitamins, minerals, and volatile oils that boost your immune system. They help the human body to be stronger and support in preventing several diseases. Therefore, parsley juice will be the perfect morning drink for you, owing to its taste, health aspects, and ease of preparation.

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