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Physical Effects of Stress

Physical Effects Of Stress

If you have been feeling stressed or overwhelmed for some time and there’s no respite from it, then the call-to-action would be needed sooner rather than later, before your body starts to manifest effects of stress physically!

Irritability, pulsating heart beat, sweaty palms and feet are some common stress symptoms that are often undermined. People usually sit up and take notice when the physical effects of stress start to interfere with daily activities hampering normal functioning. Our fears get magnified and soon a chain of mental stress and physical symptoms starts to wreak havoc over our lives. It is important to identify effects of stress and not confuse them with general health disorders. This would be the first step towards unshackling yourself from this chain!

Little stress is good for the body. It is a natural reaction of the body to any experience that is good or bad and can be beneficial for our safety. It is only the long term effects of stress that begin to show implications. Here are the some of the major adverse effects of stress that take a toll on your body and general well-being!


How stress effects your health is not just physical, but behavioral as well. As the body’s wear and tear levels go up during high stress levels, the stress hormone cortisol is released more than usual. During this time, the body’s physiological needs also rise due to which mindless or psychological starts to fill the gap. Binge eating has a direct connection with depression. Thus, weight gain and obesity are the natural consequences!

Change in appearance:

Signs of stress would soon start to show not just on your body, but also on your skin, hair and overall appearance. Puffiness of eyes, dark circles and dullness of skin are indicators more than anything else. Pre-mature wrinkling of skin is one of the major causes of stress. Over-thinkers start to exhibit a major case of frown lines as well. In such a case, make sure to pop multivitamin tablets regularly for overall wellness and mental stability!

There can be massive psychological effects of stress. Feeling anxious or a sense of impending doom is some of the most common side-effects of long term stress. Though increased heart rate and sweaty palms make you alert and gear you up to tackle the situation head on, it happens only for a short while. Low self esteem, hopelessness and depression follow. These feelings may be foreign to some, but those who suffer from this become so overwhelmed by such hormonal imbalance in the body that they start to see their suffering as real. Just like its effects on body, appearance or behavior, stress leaves its scar on a person’s mood as well. The best way to get out of this is building a community and look for a cause of motivation, whether it comes in the form of a therapist, friends or a project at work!

Upset stomach and acidity:

The metabolism also goes haywire under conditions of chronic stress. It is a rush of hormones that happens due to stress, and thereafter, the digestive system goes for a toss. Stressful people usually complain of frequent grunting of the stomach which paves the way for indigestion, acidity and even upset stomach. Nausea and diarrheoa can also be some other serious repercussions of stress!

Frequent insomnia and decreased productivity at work might just be signs of stress that you need to pay attention to. Too much stress makes us tense and anxious. In such a scenario, a person finds it difficult to relax and thus sleep seems far. Lack of sleep further triggers the release of stress hormones. This is why missed sleep is both a cause and a symptom of stress!

Lowered immunity:

Over time, stress hormones would compromise your immune system and make it difficult for you to fight infections or injuries. Believe it or not but those who are susceptible to stress or have been suffering from chronic stress and anxiety become vulnerable to some kinds of diseases and infections. Therefore, it is all in the mind. A direct impact on immunity is one of the worst effects of stress on the body. Not only does the person catch foreign invaders easily, but to get over an illness also becomes that much more difficult!

Some stress is actually beneficial. But avoid being overwhelmed or letting a situation get to you. While a woman’s menstrual cycle gets effected by stress, men suffer from loss of sexual desire as their testosterone levels go down. Don’t fret, there are ways to boost testosterone naturally! One of the key factors that help in stress management are to stay active and busy, and give those dulled hormones a boost with a good work out. Leisure walks have proved to alleviate stress levels. Drink lots of green tea and detoxify! Take a vacation and give your brain some time to rewire itself. It is the perspective that matters and taking control of the situation depends upon you!

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