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Quick Morning Workout For Office Goers

Written By Latika Gupta

Quick Morning Workout For Office Goers

Do you think that your busy lifestyle and hectic job has left no time for you to exercise and stay fit? Do you find putting gym and workout in your schedule extremely difficult? Then this quick morning workout routine is certainly all you need to stay fit

Have you been fighting this constant battle with self for not finding enough time to exercise and take this as a failure on your part to stay fit and active? Has your busy schedule put your fitness on the back seat? Then it’s time to take some steps towards changing the scenario instead of just feeling guilty about it. 

First and the foremost step you can take towards your own fitness is to stop find excuses and gear up for a quick morning workout session. The quick and easy at home exercises we are sharing with you here will not take more than 10 minutes from your busy morning hour. 

The 5-minute workout at home, that too without any equipment will help you attain your fitness goals in not more than 12 weeks if followed diligently. Most importantly, you do not have to skip your office to do this 5 minute home workout.

This mini workout is designed specifically for beginners and office goers, who do not have time to hit the gym but still want their heart pumping with energy that will last all day long.  

Jumping Jacks

Begin your 5-minute morning workout to stay fit with 10 jumping jacks, you must also do 10 jumping jacks at the end of this workout as well. Gradually, keep on adding 5 jumping jacks to your routine until you manage to do 50 jumping jacks each before and after your workout. Jumping jack is in itself a full body workout and it does more than just burning off your extra calories.

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Plie Squats 

If you want to make your back strong, legs toned and burn that extra fat then plie squats is the right option for you. 50 15 plie squats every day and you will notice that toned muscles have started developing in your inner thigh area after a few weeks. To get most of this workout make sure your back stays long and chest up. 

Parallel Squats   

Squats have always received appreciation for their many benefits to your body, also it’s a multi-joint and multi-muscle exercise that gives your body required a boost. Even though squats are designed for the lower body, they literally use all your body muscles. In addition to your thighs, you work on your abs, shoulders, backs and arms while performing squats, which eventually stabilizes your body. 15 squats every day can help you burn calories, tone up your butt, calves and hips at the same time. 

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Marching at One Place

Who will not love the idea of burning calories without going to gym or even stepping out of their home in blithering summer or freezing winters? Jogging or marching with your knees high is one of the best forms of exercises that you can think of for pumping your heart and burning up to 60 calories in 7 minutes. But to do this you do not have to go out of your home. Stand at one place and march there with your knees held high and start with 15 reps every day, gradually reaching to 20. 

Push Ups

Push ups help in building strength and they are great for boosting metabolism, the best part about push-ups is that they can be performed anywhere without worrying to hit the gym. They also help in maintaining blood circulation, what else you need to be fit more than this, 20 reps every day and you are good to go.

So, without wasting your mornings any further, hit the music and start your quick morning workout routine now. If new this exercising, then browse through our workout music playlist to add fun to your workout. 


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