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Should We Trust Mangoes for Weight Loss

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Mangoes for weight loss
Understanding If a Mango is Good for Weight Loss
Do Mangoes Affect the Blood Sugar Levels
Health Benefits of Eating Mangoes
Mango Diet for Weight Loss

In India, mangoes are popularly known as the king of all fruits. Rightly so, because everything related to mangoes is special. Apart from the taste, the aroma of the fruit is irresistible. Mangoes are versatile and can be used in any form. People eat it as a puree or mix it with milk to make a mango shake. It is dried and consumed as aam papad also. Not only is the ripe mango used in many households but the raw version also has many uses. It is popularly used as a pickle in India. However, the glaring question here is, can we trust mangoes for weight loss? Read on to find out.

Understanding If a Mango is Good for Weight Loss

Contrary to popular belief, mango does not increase weight. It does just the opposite of it. You tend to lose weight if you consume mangoes. There aren’t a lot of calories in it. Some of the varieties like totapuri, hapus, and alphonso aren’t excessively sweet either. The fibre in it helps you to lower the fat content. Your metabolism also increases, helping you to burn fat. 

Do Mangoes Affect the Blood Sugar Levels?

Mango has a glycemic index of 51. This means it has low sugar content. If you are feeling confused, then here is an explanation. As already mentioned, mango has a lot of fibre in it. These fibrous portions of the mango pulp help in slowing down the absorption of the natural sugars in mango. As a result, you don’t see a huge spike in glucose levels.

Mango may not raise your glycemic index but it is surely sweet. So, it is advisable to have it in moderation. But there is a piece of good news – you can have it daily during the summer season. Make sure you make a fruit chaat and mix mangoes with other healthier foods or you could also make a mango lassi without adding sugar. But what is the quantity of the mangoes you can have? You can eat around 2 cups or 330 grams of mangoes. In order a sweet variety like dasheri.  

Health Benefits of Eating Mangoes

There are many health benefits of having a mango. Some of them have been listed below:

  1. It is beneficial for the heart
  2. It reduces the cholesterol levels in your blood
  3. It protects the eyes
  4. Mangoes are beneficial for the skin
  5. Mangoes are also beneficial for the functioning of the brain
  6. Mangoes also help in preventing liver damage

The nutrient count of a 100 gm serving of mango contains:

  1. Vitamin E = 1.12 mg
  2. Vitamin A = 765 IU
  3. Vitamin C = 27.7 mg
  4. Calcium = 10 mg
  5. Protein = 0.5 g
  6. Magnesium = 9 mg
  7. Calories = 150-200
  8. Dietary fibre = 1.80 g
  9. Total fat = 0.27 g
  10. Total carbohydrate = 17 g
  11. Sodium = 2mg
  12. Potassium = 156 mg

So, you can see that mangoes are jam-packed with a variety of nutrients. These nutrients improve immunity and help in bettering your health.

Mango Diet for Weight Loss

Mangoes for weight loss can be eaten in a variety of ways. Here are some of the best ways you can add it to your weight loss diet:

  1. You can make a puree of pulp and make a smoothie. Be careful not to add any extra sugar to it.
  2. Dice the pulp of a solid mango and make a salsa out of it. Our recommendation is to use a semi-ripe mango for the job. It is full of tartness and has a solid texture.
  3. You can use a raw mango and make aam panna out of it. It has a cooling effect on the body.
  4. You can add mangoes to a bowl of oatmeal and have it as a power breakfast.
  5. You can add it to a summer salad with healthy ingredients like tomatoes, strawberries, kiwi, papaya, coriander, and anything else you like. Add Greek yoghurt on top of it.
  6. Make a smooth mango lassi with Greek yoghurt.
  7. You can make a mango shake. For better taste, freeze it and make ice cream out of it. In order to ensure mango helps in weight loss, make your shake or ice cream without sugar.


Mangoes for weight loss can be a great solution to simplify your fitness journey. Make sure you try out the different ways to add mangoes in your weight loss diet and get all the great benefits of this fruit this summer.

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