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Super Foods For Weight Loss: Finding Hidden Gems In Indian Kitchen

Written By Ilma

Super Food

What are superfoods? A myth? An advertising term? Or simply a new scientific advancement in the health industry? Is this super fancy, super expensive stuff even worth it? Read on to know the myths and truths of this mystery health food concept.

This era is like a Super era. Right from superman a while back to superwoman today, “Super-something” is like the hottest and trending stuff! So is the idea of “super food”, the new top talk topic of health enthusiasts.

Superfoods are the foods that are nutrient dense and hence beneficial for health in various ways. They are power-packed with vitamins and minerals and helps us lead a healthier life. However, some dietitians address it to be more of a marketing term for foods having some health benefits.

Almost every health conscious has spent money on foreign superfoods like avocado, zucchini, olive oil, bluberries and all those ‘chaka-chak’ foods that are super-expensive. Well, ever thought of owning a treasure chest of superfoods hidden in your kitchen, rather than spending your hard earned money on these?

Do you also fall in this category of money sparers? But, just give it a thought- Are these non native ingredients really meant for your desi body? Here is a superfood list of lesser known Indian kitchen ingredients, which are super easy on your pockets.

Top 5 Low Cost Indian Superfoods


Ever thought of consuming the equal amount of antioxidants present in boiled eggs but without the heaviness? Black salt is best known to have similar amounts of sulfur as in hard boiled egg yolks. Packed with nutrients and minerals, this magical superfood powder is a healthier substitute of common table salt.

What is better than having a condiment with endless pros such as relieving constipation, indigestion, heartburn, bloating, flatulence, goitre, poor eyesight and hysteria.

Food Tip
Sprinkle on a piece of fruit to immediately slash sugar cravings.


Sesame seeds are a great source of high quality protein (with around 4.7grams of protein per ounce), this super-food has several health benefits like preventing diabetes, reducing blood pressure and abating the cholesterol levels. Loaded with optimum Zinc content which helps produce collagen, sesame seeds tone up your skin and enhance its elasticity.

Food Tip
Sprinkle some on your favorite salads and veggies. Enjoy!

Do you know that to torch the unhealthy fat, we need to consume good fats as well?

Coconut is a great source to include good fats in your diet to build your digestive system and emulsify the digestive tract with zero cholesterol. It can be used in a decent amount as a cooking medium or consumed fresh.
Not only it’s proven to improve the hair and skin quality, but it also helps in thinning the waistline.
Coconut water is super-hydrating, low caloric, and filling, which makes it a wonderful summer drink.

Food Tip
Do not stop consuming coconut chutneys with your healthy homemade dosas.

Tamarind is a  favorite ad hoc for medical researchers  because of its various health benefits like dissolving kidney stones, curing malaria and blood purification. Full of antioxidants,vitamins and minerals, this super-fruit helps in digestion. Recently, it is getting quite popular among the beauty experts for its cleansing and toning properties for a healthier skin.

It is best known as a high source of potassium and for keeping cholesterol levels in check.

Food Tip
Use tamarind paste to add flavors to your boring food.


Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar says, sugarcane helps in rejuvenating the master detox organ, Liver,  thus it is referred as a POWER DETOX DRINK. Its efficiency to cure jaundice is well acclaimed since ages.

Food Tip: Sugarcane Supper

Sugarcane cooked with pulses serves as one complete meal keeping your hunger at bay for hours.

It is quite confusing why people drain their pockets off on foreign ‘health foods’ when their Indian kitchen is loaded with many hidden gems. Ditching Indian foods and getting attracted to expensive hybrid cultured food is not a matter of pride and conscience but a phenomena of pseudo wits.


Sometimes following a complete detox diet is not possible but it can be done on a daily basis via a pinch of turmeric with warm water in the morning. People keep on searching for gluten free foods while remaining unaware that the mighty ghee is a bliss and absolutely gluten free.

So why not turn desi and go for our super grandmom’s super nuskhe? Try including these Indian superfoods in your health spree and relish the benefits!

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