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Supplements Explained- Glutamine

Written By Puneet

Supplements Explained- Glutamine

Glutamine supplement is conditonally essential to your body which means your body not only naturally produces glutamine, but requires it. Hence people looking to supplement with glutamine supplements will experience no side effects

Glutamine is conditonally essential to your body which means your body not only naturally produces glutamine, but requires it. Hence people looking to supplement with glutamine supplements will experience no side effects since your body needs it.

1. What is Glutamine?

Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in the muscular tissue. Upto 60% in fact! It also consists of Nitrogen and that means it’s responsible for shuttling nitrogen into your muscles as well. Hence it could be said that those who are glutamine deficient will not have a great pump in the gym. Furthermore, glutamine plays a pivotal role in muscle volumizing, protein synthesis and most importantly keeping the body anti-catabolic. Meaning that, glutamine can increase the rate of protein absorbed, and preserve more of your muscle during a cut.

2. How do you take it?

Glutamine’s greatest strength is that you should take it on a cut or when injured. As glutamine is a precursor to the release of Human Growth Hormone, which incidentally reduces fat, makes glutamine worth the money. The clinical dosage is to take 5g grams daily but do remember that some Whey Protein supplements already have added Glutamine so do check that you’re not overdosing.

3. What are the benefits of taking Glutamine?

Numerous. The biggest benefit of Glutamine is, that it aids in the recovery process of muscles. Muscle inflamations, muscle tear and even serious lower back injuries; Glutamine can jumpstart the recovery process. Due to heavy training, the glutamine levels are below normal so for bodybuilding with glutamine, supplementation is required. Since glutamine also strengthens your immune system, it was numerous health benefits because it will make you stronger against illness which means glutamine levels in your bodies need to be maintained. During the cutting season, it’s advised to use glutamine supplements because they prevent tear down of the muscle while you are maintaining a caloric deficit because other cells would require Glutamine. Another fun fact is that not only can you cure ulcers with Glutamine, but also repair a leaky gut, i.e. maintain healthy intestines.

4. Who should/shouldn’t take Glutamine?

Glutamine is one of the essential supplements that should not be taken by just bodybuilding enthusiasts, because of it’s vital role of strengthening the immune system. People suffering from AIDS and muscular dystrophy (muscle wasting) should externally supplement with Glutamine as well because their body is incapable of producing Glutamine. Diabetics however should stay away from Glutamine, and if want to, should consult their doctors first because Glutamine can increase blood glucose.

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