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Top 10 Tips To Follow For A Better Bulk

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

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You might be a newbie into the world of fitness or an expert, following the right tips is essential for both if you want to get that proper bulk like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Vidyut Jamwal.  As humans, most love to eat delicious cuisines and the “ eating a lot of calories” part while trying to bulk your body seems quite interesting, especially to foodies. However, if you go mad at adding calories to your body without doing the cardio (burning calories) part right, you are surely going to put on weight but not in the right way. You might rather end up looking like a chubby bear (that might sound cute, but we are sure you don’t want to look like that) instead of looking like a professional bodybuilder.

So, what to do to get a better bulk? Well! Don’t worry we have come up with 10 tips that you can follow to easily get that dream physique you always wanted to.

  1. Eat More And More Protein
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To bulk body and gain muscles, your body needs a lot of protein. Make sure you are eating the right type of foods that contain protein. However, this doesn’t mean that you can deep fry those chicken wings and have them dipped in mayonnaise sauce or enjoy chole  (protein) with oil dipped bhaturas. No! Not at all! Give your body a healthy source of this macronutrient, have it cooked in less oil (probably one teaspoon of olive oil), bake your protein sources or simply boil them.  Speak to a nutritionist to know the amount of protein that your body needs and consume accordingly.  Protein not only supports muscle building, but is also the best source of amino acids that support rapid recovery of muscles and tissues.

  1. Stay Away From Sugar And Junk Foods
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Eating a lot of calories can help you in bulking your body, but make sure you are not gulping down unhealthy calories. Sugar, fried foods, packed foods, refined carbohydrates, etc. are loaded with unhealthy calories and have very less or no nutritional value. Eating these food items will only increase your weight in an unhealthy manner that might later on lead to various diseases. Replace sugar with stevia or honey, white rice with brown rice, refined bread with multigrain bread, packed foods with fresh vegetables & fruits. This will definitely help you achieve your body goals in a short span of time that too in a healthy manner. 

  1. Don’t Skip Carbohydrates
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While focusing so much on protein, do not forget the importance of carbohydrates in lean bodybuilding. We have a misconception that all carbohydrates are bad if you are looking forward to having that lean bulk. Our body needs enough carbohydrate to fuel our hard work (exercise) and to maintain body stores of glucose. Failing to give your body the much needed dosage of carbs can result in muscle being broken down. Your carb intake depends on the intensity and volume of your training. You can have a healthy source of carbs like oats, brown rice, multigrain bread, pulses, etc. 

  1. Eat Fiber In Moderate Amount
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Eating good amounts of fiber rich foods is very important for keeping your body fit and fine. However, nothing in excess is beneficial for the body.  To get that lean bulk body you need to know how much fiber you must consume.  Fibers maintain the insulin sensitivity in the body and can promote a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut, but too much fiber can reduce your weight.  Therefore, if your goal is to bulk then make sure you keep a check on the amount of fibers that you are gulping down. 

  1. Do Proper Training
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Proper exercise regime is indeed important when you want to bulk your muscles. Do a lot of strength training and cardio, but with proper guidance from your trainer. Do not start to do any exercise on your own without consulting an expert, that might not turn out good for your health.

  1. Take Help Of Supplements
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Sometimes eating only foods might not be enough to give the desired results and there comes the role of dietary supplements. The best bulk bodybuilding supplements are mass gainers, protein powders, BCAA’s, creatine and casein. 

  1. Fuel Your Workouts
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If you do not wish to feel drained off and also want to recover fast, then fuel your workout with some pre-workout foods or supplements. These pre-workout foods/ supplements will help in bulking the body by giving your body the much needed energy and stamina to cope up with your hard workout routine.

  1. Take Adequate Amounts Of Rest

Eating a healthy diet accompanied with supplements and doing all sets of exercises is definitely needed to get that bulked body. However, along with all these your body also needs adequate amounts of rest in order to gain muscles. Wondering how? The more you train, the better your body will get, this is no doubt true but along with that your muscles & tissues also need to recover.  While you perform heavy duty exercise your muscle fibers are damaged and if you continue doing more exercise, then this might lead to severe wear and tear. Taking adequate rest/ sleep will help your body to recover and avoid any risk of injury while working out.

  1. Set Realistic Goals

We know it is good to aim for better and always believe in oneself, but it is also good to think about the ground reality. Well! Keeping a realistic fitness goal is always important. For example, you cannot expect to work too hard, eat huge calories and look like your favourite celeb within two weeks. You need to know your body type and work accordingly. Good things do take a little more time and when it happens it definitely lasts for long. So, have patience, do the right exercise, eat the right foods and see the magic begin.

  1. Speak To A Dietician

We always suggest this to every fitness enthusiast, never start consuming anything extra that you see on TV or read from somewhere else. This is because all nutrients or  supplements might not suit your body. You must always consult a dietician to know the right recommended dosage of every macro and micronutrients. 

Conclusion: Follow the above tips to get the desired bulk in a short span. Also, do not forget to consult your trainer as well as a nutritionist before starting any new exercise regime or diet. An expert can help to curate your training routine and diet chart according to your gender, height, weight and body type.

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