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Top 5 exercises to build an ENORMOUS chest!

Chest excercise

Two cardinal rules of the gym. Everyone hits chest on Monday and no one skips out on benching. Developing your chest can however be extremely frustrating. Below are 5 excercises that can help you make insane gains!

1. Flat Bench Press

How to do bench press

The flat bench press is the king of chest development. Being a compound excercise it not only works your entire chest but also helps in building your lats, shoulders and triceps. Furthermore it also helps in growth hormone and testosterone production. Always make sure your shoulder blades are pulled back and you do not flare your elbows. Driving with your legs is also something to note.

2. Dips

How to do dips

Chest dips are another amazing compound movement that help in development of the lower chest. While doing this excercise always remember the straighter you are the more tricep it will hit. Therefore lean a little forward to ensure that the chest is strained and trained everytime!

3. Incline Dumbell Bench Press

How to incline bench press

The toughest part of the chest to develop for most people is upper chest and rightly so because of little muscle mass. A dumbell press is recommended instead of barbell because with dumbells you can alter your range of motion to suit you so that you are only hitting the upper chest and not your front shoulders. Be sure to come down slowly to ensure you are working even the negative movement properly. Your chest is bound to be screaming after this!

4. Incline Fly

How to do incline fly

It has already been stated that the upper chest is difficult to develop. Fly’s are a great way to expand the ribcage and make your chest wider. It is extremely important for you to do this excercise as per your range of motion. Some like to hold dumbells vertically while others hold it horizontally. Doing this afer the compound movements will ensure maximum benefit but make sure to check your ego out the door because you can NOT go super heavy with the weight. 

5. Cable Crossover

How to do cable crossover

A cable crossover is the most versatile machine for your chest. Not only can you arrange it at different points meaning on the top setting you will hit lower chest and at the bottom you will be hitting upper chest. Squeeze hard to make every rep count because this excercise can ensure you get definition and the cuts in your chest that everyone wants!

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