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Top 5 Exercises to Build Massive Biceps

Written By Puneet

The best day in any gym rat's week is the day he trains chest and biceps. These are the muscles to show and almost everyone wants to build those guns! Below are top 5 exercises to build massive biceps!!

The incline curl is one of the best excercises to build your biceps because it uses momentum to give you a stretch to your biceps at the end of the movement. It is recommended to do these both simultaneouly rather than one arm at a time.

The Hammer Curl is a High-Rated bicep exercise. While the inner head of the bicep is what gives you the peak, the outer head gives your arms dimension and contribute towards size. Do this alternate hand or simultaneously and your arms will surely be pumped!

The concentration curl is a great bicep excercise to isolate your bicep for that maximum pump! Not only does this help you in better body building but also helps in developing that infamous bicep peak which is so sought after by every lifter!

The standing dumbell curl is one of the best bicep excercise that allows you to use the power of each of your hands to develop your arms. This ensures that no muscle imbalances will occur as you are using one hand to pull one dumbell.

Finally we have the preacher curl. This biceps workout is versatile which is why it is so popular. Not only can you do it isolaterally (one hand at a time) but also with a barbell and the entire bicep is worked because of the range of motion.


So let’s hit the gym hard and pump up your pythons! Suns out, Guns out!

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