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Top 5 Exercises to Build Monstrous Legs!

Written By Puneet

Top 5 Exercises to Build Monstrous Legs!

Our legs comprise of 50% of our total body. Yet it's a complete mystery as to why people in the gym never train legs. Below are five exercises to build huge legs!

No surprises here! The squat is so crucial to any body building and/or fat loss program that it is considered the best leg workout. As humans we have naturally been squatting so the movement comes very easily. Keeping the barbell on your traps, lower down your legs to squat down. Always go below parallel or at least hit parallel. Also make sure while going down, your knees never go beyond your toes. The only reason why you shouldn’t be squatting is if you’re permanently disabled from the waist down because for natural lifters this exercise boosts the testosterone naturally. If there is one exercise you should do no matter what program, diet, age or weight you are at; its this right here! Also, did I mention squatting high reps burns fat better than any other form of cardio besides the stairmaster? Get squatting guys and girls. You will notice some major gains coming your way!

Ever heard the fact that you can never have too much hamstring muscle? NO?! Well you heard it here first. This exercise is not only great for building huge hamstrings but also a great move to build core strength as well as shape your glutes. Now who here wouldn’t want to tone your glutes?! Just remember to always step back from a static spot and come back. Go down slowly and come back up slowly and you’ll surely feel the pain! Additionally, it’s a great leg exercise to superset with your calf’s to ensure you get maximum gains for your valuable time!

You’d have to really be a fool if you leg press regularly and expect to make teardrop seperations and increase your quad sweep. The goblet squat unlike a normal squat requires greater core balance as the weight is right in front of you. Given this, you’re also going to be working your forearms a lot, more handling higher weights not to mention stregthening your lower back. This in turn will also increase your grip strength which will invariably allow you to bench and/or deadlift more. Always remember to keep your back straight while coming down and back up again. Go down slowly and explode upwards!

Calf’s are tough to develop. I get it! Get over that fact and treat it like any other muscle group and you will see improvements. What everyone fails to understand is that you are walking on your calf’s everyday so they are already used to extreme stress of your bodyweight. Going heavy is therefore the only option to get those calf’s to grow! While performing this ultimate leg workout, always remember to keep your heel out of the stand and to point your toes upwards to ensure you’re getting maximum stress on the calf’s. Also make sure that you are complementing these exercises with best protein supplements. Going up and coming down should be slow to ensure your calf is properly trained and for that maximum burn!

What makes the muscle building leg exercise so versatile is that it can work as both pre/post workout for legs. What you must however remember is that this is an isolation exercise for your quads and it is a single joint exercise unlike the squat. So remember to go light and therefore do high reps. But do not go fast on this exercise because that will damage your knee joints. Go slow and steady and I guarantee your quads will scream in pain!

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