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Top 5 Exercises to Build Thunderous Triceps!

Written By Puneet

What most people forget is that tricep literally means 'three heads' which further denotes you should be focusing more on triceps than biceps if you want bigger arms. We break down the top five exercises for horse-shoe triceps!

This is perhaps the best tricep workout of all time but I rarely see this done correctly. Do not go heavy and always keep your elbows locked in postion. Form is crucial with this exercise as it can damage your elbow joints if not done correctly. Done correctly, this will blow up the long head of your tricep and ensure maximize arm size. Do it on a decline bench for maximum results!

The close grip bench press is a ultimate tricep workout and should be incorporated in your arm day. A closer grip ensures you are hitting the whole tricep and ensures that you get some bonus chest body building as well! Just remember to do slow reps while going up and more importantly while going down. Your triceps will surely burn after this!

This tricep workout for muscle mass not only works the short head of the tricep but is the most versatile to do. Which means that you can use different handles, depending on availability in the gym, to hit the short head of your tricep from different angles. Remember to lean in a little and go heavy as this exercise will put strain on your core muscles as well. Also do not forget to include protein supplements  in your diet plan.

Another great tricep workout for men. This works the tricep completely as you’re going to be using your triceps to lift your bodyweight which for your triceps isn’t really lightweight! Again do remember to go slow on the way up and on the way down for maximum effect. Once you progress, you can start adding plates to your lap so that the triceps are pulling even more weight!

This is perhaps the most overlooked move but is a great finisher to any tricep workout. Like a normal push up but its different because of the diamond-like hand placement. Regardless of any push up, only high reps will get you the desired results. So always take this exercise to complete failure. In other words do as many as you can until you can’t lift your arms anymore!

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