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Top 5 Indian Bodybuilders

Top 5 Indian Bodybuilders

In a country overrun by cricket fanatics, it is not surprising that bodybuilding as a sport is hardly recognized. Yet there are Indian Bodybuilders that make us proud; day in and day out. We bring you our Top 5.

What is bodybuilding, as a sport? Is it the art of lifting weights? Or is it just some oiled up muscular dudes just posing in swim trunks? For me, it’s an art form. Like a painter uses his brush and a sculptor uses a hammer and chisel, a bodybuilder uses his body to showcase his art. Each muscle group has to be proportionate and in symmetry. This quite simply means, if the left bicep is 18.24 inches, then the right one needs to be exactly the same. Or at least look the same. Plus unlike other competitive sports like swimming and/or cricket, bodybuilding is a full-time job. You have to diet with incredible difficulty, with or without steroids. The training itself is quite intense, which is why once this gym motivation is learnt, it can be applied in other walks of life as well. The list below is the culmination of years of hard work, because these athletes often have to go through enormous hardships in order to reach the level that they are at. This is partly due to the fact that sports other than cricket are not sponsored well enough. Onto the list then!

This man needs no introduction. Amongst the top indian bodybuilders this man holds a special place. He was the first Indian Railways employee to win the national level gold and has been bodybuilding since he was 16. Taking his inspiration from Arnold, Suhas has won the Mr.India 8 times! Not just that, he was 1st runner up in the Mr.Olympia Amateur, Mr. World, and a 7-times Mr.Maharashtra. Just judging from his huge physique I would say he deserves all these accolades and then some!

There is bodybuilding and then there is true strength. Murali Kumar is a sailor in the Indian Navy so he has always been tested to the limit in terms of physical ability. A force to be reckoned with, he is one of the few people who has dismantled our number 1. pick on this list.

Being a part of the top indian bodybuilders; Murali surprisingly started bodybuilding relatively late at the age of 25 but with his gifted genetics, shot up into the bodybuilding scene. A two times Mr.India, he is on this list because of sheer hard work. Putting his faith in himself and being inspired by Dorian Yates, helped Murali surely but steadily climb up the circuit. He has been working extremely hard for over 10 years and has forged his body into near perfection. He has also been Mr.Asia in 2013.

Yatinder Singh is an inspiration for millions. A fantastic journey of a boy from Saharanpur who found solace in bodybuilding, only to have his dreams crushed by an accident. This accident not only left him in a wheelchair. He however had the grit and determination to climb back into the list of the top bodybuilders of India by winning Mr.India, coming 2nd in Mr.World and even winning the Mr.Talkwalkar Classic! If you want to learn about the indian bodybuilders diet then check out Yatinder’s official diet plan and workout plan linked below. Personally I would place my bets on him to become number one very soon!

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The new kid on the block but already sitting high up the ladder. Prashant not only won the Mr.India, defeating Suhas Khamkar, but is also prestigious competitions like the Mumbai Shree and Jerai Classic. This technically puts him on top of the current heap of the best Indian bodybuilders of all time. Not so fast. There’s another one who has surpassed him consistently. That being said, I would say do look out for this guy because he is now looking to conquer it all!

This is a name synonymous with Indian bodybuilding. Sangram Chougule or more fondly known as ‘Sangram Dada’ is a multi-time Mr.India, Mr.World and Mr. Universe. He sits on top of the heap of the best indian bodybuilders because he has shown consistency like no other bodybuilder, winning multiple trophies and going up to the Mr. Universe. He is now not only bodybuilding but acting in movies but due to a shoulder injury, could not compete this year. Here’s hoping that Sangram Dada takes the titles next year as well!

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