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Top 5 UNUSUAL exercises for bigger arms!

In the everlasting pursuit of 20 inch arms, everyone is seen curling their tails off in the gym. Well hate to break it to you, the best arm exercises are mostly the ones which are unusual and hence no one does. Why? Because they’re tough though they might not seem that way at first.

5. Tricep Bench Dips

Tricep Bench Dips

Sure. You see the girl bending her arms and think this is easy. Think again. This is one exercise that works the outer and inner head of the tricep and to make it even harder, just try stacking weights on your lap. Do remember to bend your knees and make sure your hands are spaced evenly to ensure maximum contraction. 

4. Seated Palm Wrist Curl

Seated Palm Wrist Curl

While everyone talks a big game about their arms, I hardly see anyone working their forearms. Forearms by their function have a lot of red meat muscle fibers which means, like calf’s they are difficult muscle groups to grow because they are made for endurance. This exercise must be done slowly and steadily and you will see your grip and forearm size increase. Whilst doing this exercise pause at the top of the rep range to ensure maximum contraction and come down slowly. Nobody wants huge arms and small pencil like forearms so remember to train this muscle group regularly. This is surely one of the most unique arm exercises.

3. Tricep Kickback

Tricep Kickback

Another overlooked yet one of the best triceps exercises. The tricep kickback is a fantastic isolating exercise that isolates the longer head of the tricep. The mistake here is people tend to swing the weight because they think they need to go heavy. Going heavy will not only cause no benefits but also a workout injury as you will most likely injure your elbow. Go light and focus on the contraction at the top. Squeeze out all your gains with this brilliant exercise.

2. Reverse Curl

Reverse Curl

The reverse curl does two things. Firstly, it grows the outer head of your bicep, the muscle responsible for making your arms look fuller and your biceps more rounded. Secondly it works the forearms as well which is probably why I don’t see many people do this exercise. Superset this with the wrist curl and you’ve got one of the must-do-arm exercises of all time!

1. Overhand Cable Curl

Overhand Cable Curl

I shall keep it short and sweet. This is hands down the most unique exercise for biceps. This is because it must be done on the cable crossover machine but the advantage of this is that there is constant time under tension on your biceps because of the cable. Knowing this, do understand that going down or backward you should be going slowly to ensure time under tension benefits. High reps equal maximum burn making it one of the best biceps exercises.

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