Transformation 3 MIN READ Aug 28, 2022

Fitness Backed by Science – Manav Dhall’s Journey

28/30 107kg > 67kg 39% > 12%

Why did you decide to transform? 

As a Punjabi boy who is very fond of eating and always surrounded by food, I was overweight most of my childhood. At the age of sixteen, I got conscious of my looks and decided to lose weight. I was getting uncomfortable about children always talking about me and my body. I followed a Dietician’s “DIET” religiously for months without slipping into temptations and I did see the result and reached a respectable weight. I always knew that the DIET wasn’t sustainable. And one day, my fear became reality when my job started, and once again, I started gaining weight at my own pace without realizing it and slowly reaching where it all started. I was 107 kgs at 5’9” and could barely do anything without getting tired. This is when I decided that this must end and I should do something about it.

How did you accomplish your goals?

For a few years, I did a lot of experiments with diet and workouts and achieved decent results but I realized neither the plans I made were sustainable nor did I achieve my dream body. Then I came across an online coaching platform and their approach made sense to me. Everything they said or did was backed by science. I transformed myself and eventually started reading and learning more about nutrition and workout. Before I knew it, my necessity became my passion and now, I work as an online fitness coach myself.

Training routine that helped you achieve your goals?

I followed a calorie deficit diet, managed to complete 10k steps every day, and did strength training at home with a pair of dumbbells for about 40-50mins. I never starved myself or restricted myself from eating a particular type of food. My approach was also backed by science and research. I enjoyed the journey. 

Which supplements did you take?

I took whey protein to complete my body’s protein requirement and took multivitamins to avoid any deficiency that may come due to a calorie deficit diet. I have tried a lot of brands and by far, MuscleBlaze is the most economical and versatile brand in the market I have come across.

What challenges did you face during your transformation?

In the early days, the challenges I faced were controlling the temptation to eat outside or eat what I like, not having time to go to the gym, not feeling motivated on most days, worrying too much about the scale not moving, change in the pace of weight drop after some time. But the biggest challenge was to START the journey.

Suggestion for future transformers

Being someone who has tried everything from a strict monotonous diet, intermittent fasting, and keto to running for hours and spending too much time on cardio and crunches, I have learned that losing fat is much simpler than we think although it’s not easy. You have to be disciplined and just because you can eat everything doesn’t mean you should. All you need to do is follow a calorie-deficit diet, do strength training at least 4 times a week, and increase your activity (walking is best). It is best to invest in a good coach for professional guidance.

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