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Upper Body Workout for Footballers: It’s Not All About the Legs After All!

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upper body workout
Importance of Upper Body Workout for Footballers
Best Exercises for an Upper Body Workout

Upper body workout includes not only bodyweight exercises but also equipment, belts, dumbbells, etc. Upper body training helps build strength and a solid foundation that will allow you to slowly progress to more challenging exercises. Two of the most important aspects of choosing the best upper body training method are ensuring that you choose a different exercise for each muscle group that works best for your body and having plenty of rest.

Football workout routine is the combination of exercises that are done in order to maintain fitness level. It is a combination of physical activities and workouts which help build muscle mass, improve stamina, speed and strength. Football players need to perform these exercises on a daily basis as they are very effective for building muscles and endurance. But it might seem that their routine may essentially be focused on their legs. However, the sort of stamina required by these athletes requires a good upper body training routine as well.

Let’s dive deeper into understanding this.

Importance of Upper Body Workout for Footballers

Upper body workout includes training chest, shoulders, arms, and back. The best thing about this type of workout is that you can even do it at home without any gym equipment.

Upper body workout is important because it gives you the ability to lift heavy weights and that means you can do more reps. Also, your upper body muscles are responsible for your posture and stability.

It consists of exercises that are performed with weights and resistance bands. The main goal is to strengthen the muscles in your arms, shoulders, and chest.

Best Exercises for an Upper Body Workout

Here are 5 of the best upper body exercises that you can perform anywhere with just a pair of dumbbells. It is recommended to start with 3 x 12 per exercise or layering 2 reps at a time (for example, bicep curls followed by triceps stretches).

An upper body workout is a great way to target your arms, chest, shoulders, and back. These exercises can also be done at home without any equipment. Here are the top 5 upper body workouts for you to try:

1. Push-Ups

One of the easiest at-home upper body exercises to do push-ups, start with a high plank with your shoulders directly above your wrists. With your core, bend your elbows and lower your chest to the floor. Push back through the palms to straighten the arms and repeat.

2. Bench Dips

Bench dips are a great way to take your bench press to the next level. Bench dips improve shoulder stability and can help build more muscle mass in your shoulders. You need a bench or chair that is at least 30 inches high, with an adjustable seat height. You would also require dumbbells for this exercise.

3. Planks

Plank is a full-body exercise that trains the muscles in your core and legs. The plank is an excellent exercise for building strength, endurance, and balance. It also helps improve posture by strengthening the abdominals, back, and hips. When you hold a plank position for as long as possible, it will strengthen your abdominal muscles which will help you maintain good posture throughout the day.

4. Plank with Leg Lift

Plank with leg lift is a plank variation that places the upper body in a position where you are lifting your legs up and out to the side. It’s a great exercise for strengthening your core, shoulders, and arms while improving balance and stability. Planks can be done at home or while traveling.

5. Dumbbell Lateral Raise

The dumbbell with lateral raise involves lifting weights from the side of your body. It is also known as one-arm dumbbell press or one-arm dumbbell bench press. Not only will these movements increase your overall strength but they will also reduce the risk of injury, create a more symmetrical physique, and improve your core strength for functional fitness routines.


We might think that footballers do not need to focus too much on upper body workout and must majorly focus on training their legs and their speed. But this is not true. Upper body workouts help in strength building which is highly required during a game like football. Top footballers do the best upper body workout to build their core strength which helps them maintain their body balance and speed.

In this article, you read about the importance of upper body workout for footballers and along with some top upper body exercises. Keep in mind that it is always best to consult a professional health trainer before incorporating any work out routine in your lifestyle.

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