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Weight Loss Diets – What Options Do You Have

Written By Latika Gupta

Weight Loss Diets – What Options Do You Have

There are hundreds of weight loss diets that keep on surfacing from time to time. But do all these diets work on the same pattern or are they different from each other? We have tried to analyze some of popular weight loss diets that people ought to take!

Weight loss market is replete with numerous diet plans that claim to shed excess fat from your body in a matter of days. In simple words, your diet should be a set pattern of eating and drinking a certain kind as well as amount of food throughout the day to achieve individual weight loss goals. 

Following a certain lifestyle or a set pattern of eating can actually help in shedding extra kilos, but you cannot trust all the so called ‘fad diets’ blindly. Some of these fad diets are completely bizarre, others can be really dangerous for your well being. 

Here we have reviewed some popular weight loss diet plans to identify whether they can actually help in losing weight or are they just another marketing gimmick.

A very popular name in the diet circuit, The Atkins Diet works on the nutritional approach of controlling the insulin levels in the body through diet changes. Consuming large amounts of refined carbohydrates in the form of sugar and other processed foods only increases the levels on insulin in our body rapidly. This spike in insulin triggers our bodies to store a big part of the energy we are consuming. The storage of excess energy prevents out body from using stored fat as a potential source of energy, which leads to weight gain. 

Most of the people following Atkins Diet for weight loss focus on consuming higher portion of protein as compared to what they normally do. 

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The Blood Type Diet, popularly known as Eat Right For Your Type Diet is based on the principle of eating foods based on their blood type. According to the study, every blood type, A, B, AB and O, digests food protein or lectins in a different manner. Eating food proteins which are not meant to be digested well by your blood type can cause ill effects on the body. Some of the common effects include slow metabolism, bloating and occurrence of certain kind of diseases. According to the Blood Type Diet, avoiding bad proteins can help you stay in better health and shape.

The Caveman Diet also known as Paleo Diet focuses on including foods from the paleolithic era of human nutritional needs. This kind of diet primarily includes food we use to eat prior to farming and domesticating animals. The whole purpose of Caveman Diet is to make your body crave for healthy foods. This diet is known for achieving ideal body weight, enhancing mind and body connection and sharpening your mind. 

The Glycemic Diet is based on limiting the consumption of foods with high Glycemic Index. GI or Glycemic Index is a scientific rating that classifies food items on the basis of how quickly they raise blood sugar levels. Consumption of high GI foods, like potatoes, corn, rice, white bread, white pasta, etc, triggers spike in blood sugar levels, thus releasing insulin which in turn triggers fat storage, increases hunger pangs and lead promotes weight gain. The basic premise of this diet is that one must avoid eating foods with high GI to suppress their appetite and subsequently lose weight. 

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The Master Cleanse Diet is basically a liquid diet which is considered great for detoxifying the body and enhancing weight loss. This diet is meant to be followed strictly for a 3 to 10 day period without fail. The entire diet is broken into three phases, which are: Ease In, Lemonade Diet and Ease Out. The Master Cleanse Diet is known and acclaimed to reward a healthier body,targetting on removal of toxins from the body and ensuring weight loss. 


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The GM Diet or General Motors Diet is basically a seven day eating plan that can help you lose anywhere between 10 to 17 lbs in a week as compared to 1 to 2 lbs per week with any other conventional Indian diet plan. The GM Diet not only reduces weight but also helps in detoxifying body as most of the food content included in this diet consists of water in the form of fruits, vegetables, milk, soup, maintaining 6 to 8 glasses of regular water intake everyday. Being similar to a detox diet, the GM Diet can also help in achieving better overall health after seven days. 

Designed originally by a doctor in Florida, the South Beach Diet has gained a lot of momentum among people who are willing to protect themselves against the risk of developing a heart disease. In this diet, the ultimate goal is to replace all your ‘bad carbs’ with ‘good carbs’ and ‘bad fats’ with good fats’. This means, you will be bidding adieu to refined sugar and processed grains to welcome vegetables, beans and whole grains in your daily diet. You will also replace foods containing saturated fats with foods which are rich in good fats and omega-3 fatty acids to help promote weight loss. 

While these are just the handful of diet options we have analyzed for you, there are many more you can look up to as per your requirement. However, the key to finding the right kind of diet plan for you is to find the exact requirements of your body and then make an informed decision to win your weight loss battle. 

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