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What Are The Do’s And Don’ts of Cheat Meal?

Written By Latika Gupta

What Are The Do’s And Don’ts Of Cheat Meal?

While cheating in your relationship might lead to tough times, cheating on your diet is crucial. Let’s break it down the do’s and don’ts of a cheat meal.

Most of us are adopting a diet plan that is for a healthy living and for the betterment of our own body. To maintain good health and also to re-figure ourselves, we usually drop our tempting food habits. We go far away from delicious carbs and fatty meals, and make ourselves used to those boring break-up meals. And is, for this reason, people become more tempted and excited to try the unhealthy food habit at least for a day or two. And this agitation begins right from the day when we start missing our usual food routines. This is where we stick to cheat meals for at least a single meal or during a single day. 

A cheat meal is nothing but can be defined as to cheat your healthy diet and jumping on to the food that has been taunting and teasing you all these days when you were in your tasteless diet. It would not be your part of diet plan but you may try it for an anticipated period of your choice. You can come back to those juicy spicy meats and chickens during a cheat day, rather crunching those veggies which have made your taste buds restless.

The Theory Behind A Cheat Day

People choose the cheat meal day to be any day of the week but mostly they settle down getting the weekend done preferably. If you are wondering what is a cheat meal, then the theory behind it, would explain it with more interpretation. It would be because of this cheat day you would be sticking to your diet throughout the week. And it will let you fend off and keep at bay your tasteless diet routine with the intention that you would soon dive into your favorite and appetizing food habits. It can be exactly named as the devious or scheming day on which you get to have full access to an unhealthy finger licking dishes. With this, you are able to follow up your diet concepts such as exercising and other workouts with the appropriate objectives and also with the interest to reach the target in an expected period. It also maintains your metabolism rates at normal levels making sure that you don’t try to bring down or diminish it. This one great day, you make your body adjust itself to shift your metabolism back to high gear. And it’s for sure that these cheat meal ideas can never do anything wrong or put your health under concern. Just you need to enjoy the day and never forget the theory behind it.

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Do’s Of Cheat Meal

  • You may start making permanent quirky changes that you can live with compatibility.
  • Select a restaurant to make your special cheat meal done rather bringing all those junks into your kitchen. Since you are not made to stare at the leftovers even though you are done.
  • You should plan your cheat day calories according to the exercise you have done. More specifically, you should plan your cheat meal on the exact day when you have exercised well to your limits.
  • Choose the exercise session that consists of weight-lifting and with high-intensity workouts. In this way, you may make use of the calories obtained in the cheat meal to build up your muscles and not to store fat.
  • In spite of choosing a Cheat day meal plan for your breakfast or lunch, rather go for a cheat dinner. Eat well, go to bed and again dive into the strict diet in the next day morning.
  • Eat healthy cheat meal recipes that would make your tummy laugh and not to make it try hard to digest. You should maintain your normal source of protein along with the intake of few vegetables. You may add bread, pasta, rice and also a dessert.
  • You can eat bad and worst food occasionally with no guilt in your mind, rather making it as a treat.
  • If you have lower body fat, then it is obvious that you can go for high carb diets in your cheat meal plans. But on the opposite side, if you are the one who had already stored dietary fats into your muscles, you should be away from them of course.
  • When you are not planned and not prepared for cheating the day in a professional way, then you might be feeling smashed when you break your diet with just even a piece of a fatty chocolate bar. So it’s better to follow the exact criteria of Cheat meals, to make your taste buds not to starve.
  • You could optionally go for a fasting before jumping into a Cheat day diet. You would achieve many benefits from intermittent fasting to jump-start your metabolism and improve your overall health.
  • Do keep a sturdy plan. If you cheat the meal this Saturday, then stick to this day always. If you feel this Thursday would be the better option, then have the habit of getting your cheat meal done on this particular day. 
  • You can readily plan a keto cheat day as the normal crunchy munch diet plans. Sticking to keto diet cheat day would help you in getting the benefits of the keto diet plan as well as a treat for your temptation.

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Don’ts Of Cheat Meal

  • Don’t ever try to choose a buffet meal where you have the option of all-you-can-eat even when you are completely done with it.
  • Don’t ever plan you cheat meal alone but enjoy it with your family and friends. This way, you would not miss the cheerfulness and togetherness throughout your lives.
  • Don’t try to make physiological changes with your cheat day meals but try making few psychological changes in your routine which are extremely expected by the well-wishers around you.
  • Don’t make a whole of cheat day diet but make it true as a single cheat meal idea. People always get confused with both and there is always a high and low between cheat meal vs cheat day. Don’t push yourself into a crappy habit the entire day but just make a single dive into the cheat meal.
  • Don’t plan your cheat when you are in the extreme emotions such as you got a promotion in your office and when your girlfriend dumped you. You shouldn’t build a bridge between food and emotions always.
  • Don’t include a food that is in all ways hurting you. Even when you are in cheat day meal, it’s better to stay away from it for healthier options.
  • Don’t ever make a routine of exercising vigorously right after the cheat meal or before going for it.
  • Don’t try to cheat frequently. Yes, it would of useless for you to stick to a strict diet for few days and then jump into the cheat treat more often. Lessen your dive into the cheat meal options every now and then. Make it at regular intervals with less frequency.
  • While planning your cheat meal diet, get enough knowledge on what is a good cheat meal. Don’t add too much of dietary fat in your fancy and intuitive cheat meals, rather get much into dietary fibers and proteins. This would be the better and solid option for maintaining your weight and also is ideal for the wellness of your health.
  • Also, make sure that you don’t end up with too much of alcoholic drinks. The more you choose for such type of cheats, the less you run after the healthy life. To be healthy is for what you have chosen the cheat day options. But when if it’s not good in all aspects and in all phases, in the taking of such drinks are strictly prohibited.

People Making Use Of Cheat Days

In particular, do you have any idea that which category of people make use of these cheat meal options mostly? Yes, you may usually find a set of people with utmost standards get in touch with this type of habits. They are the bodybuilders, celebrities, fashion models and professional athletes. Nowadays, beyond these, we get to find many people following this concept who are on extreme diet professionally. This phase of diet can be called as the vital chapter of your professional nutrient in which you may tend to get lowered your metabolism rate due to the intake of low carb diets. So to adjust these tranquil scenarios in your change in the body functions, most people undergoing severe diet are all open to such cheat meal on a rest day.

Facts You Avail Of A Cheat Meal

There are huge benefits that you get to avail of this type of Cheat day diet. There are countless benefits you may achieve with the proper and attentive follow-ups of this methodology. Just have a look on the following points that have been recorded from the recent surveys taken among some 5000 people, who were provided with cheat meal options and some with a normal routine diet with no big cheat day. Just make a comparison and find what the people with cheat day diet actually gain.

  • It has helped a lot for the people to achieve their goals of sticking to their strict diet on a long-term basis when compared to the people who were not given the option of Cheat Meal.
  • The people were found to have extreme self-control due to the reason that they staved off their temptation reliably when they were planned with appropriate cheat day diets.
  • People started believing in cheat day diets to be more motivating to tackle their personal goals, regardless of what the goals were too.
  • It can increase the metabolism rate by keeping the starvation hormones called Leptins in a sturdy level. Leptins are necessary for the decrease in weight loss in a healthy manner.
  • It helps you to control the aggressive temptation on the high carb diets which again makes you calm in settling down your mind with an expectation that a sweet relief is on the way in your cheat day.
  • On the aspect of medical views, it has the capability to offset the drop in hormones that could probably occur while the calorie- deficit diet is resumed.
  • It also helps in increasing thyroid functions that further helps in gaining metabolism.
  • The theory of the cheat day worked out very well that the people followed their strict diet in rest of the time owing that they would be esteemed with the cheat meal options soon.
  • As a whole, in this way of following regular cheat meals, you can encourage your body to keep burning these extra calories despite getting adjusted to these lower intakes.

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Menace Lying Behind A Cheat Meal

There are always both good and bad prospects in every scenario. And why do we hope these cheat day meals to be yet called only as the better option? Yes, there are negative sides of this habit too. Let’s look into it.

Making you overeat on this cheat day meal plan may lead to a point that actually disturbs your weight loss and fitness goals.
The more you eat ( it might be a single day), you would be less likely to move your body and that particularly leads to weight gain after a Cheat meal and this may also gravitate to serious health problems too.
Eating beyond the limit in one day ruins all your hard work of the whole week, which is not recommended in anyways.


With this, it is clear that you should follow few vital factors when really want to cheat your diet in a healthy manner. Set the goals that will help you how extreme and fierce you should cheat. Also keep one thing in your mind that if your body has been receiving cleansed diets for a long-term, then it would be difficult for your stomach to accept high carb diets and would be not so easy for you to digest it. This may again lead to few health problems and you should take much care about this.

And the second thing is that you should plan your cheat meal options by adding healthier carbs and not by just adding whichever is not ideal for you personally. When you have avoided some food habits normally, then it is better to always stay away from it even when you are cheating your diet.

Finally look into whether you get affected psychologically or constantly dream about food and you lose control once when you start. If this is the case, then you should stay away from the cheat meals totally until you make your control over food habits.

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