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Which is better: whey protein or whey isolate?

Written By Sumit Sinha

Either whey protein or whey isolate is made by milk. We all know whey is the best protein available in the market. Whey protein is a by-product of the cheese making process whereas whey isolate is produced after processing whey protein. 

Let’s compare the best whey protein isolate and the best whey protein available in the market to know which one is better. 

Both supplements are good depending on your fitness goals. Here we compare the benefits of whey protein isolate and whey protein or concentrate to know which one is the best supplement for you. We use here whey protein concentrate because it is the most commonly used whey protein by fitness enthusiasts. 

Whey protein

Whey protein isolate 

Whey protein concentrate is one of the most popular whey protein types that is produced by filtering milk to get dried whey protein.  Once you get whey protein concentrate from milk, it is further processed and filtered to get whey protein isolate. 
Usually, whey protein concentrate contains 80 percent protein, a small amount of carbohydrates, some amount of fats, and vitamins & minerals.  Fats, carbs, lactose, vitamins & minerals are removed to make whey protein isolate. 
Good protein percentage Higher protein percentage
Takes time to get absorbed  Can be absorbed more quickly than whey protein.
High levels of lactose, so whey protein is hard to digest them who have digesting issues with dairy products.  Low levels of lactose helps those who face trouble with digesting the dairy products. 
Rich source of protein, carbs, fats, and other nutrients that makes whey protein a perfect drink for pre workout supplement Your best supplement for post workout due to its easy and high absorbing traits. If you have bloating issues from dairy products or want to get lean physique, whey isolate is an ideal supplement for you. 
Whey protein can be used in homemade smoothie, mass gainers, and shakes. The whey isolate supplement spikes insulin response more than whey protein supplement. So should be consumed with chilled water. 
Whey protein concentrate comes in many flavours to reward your taste buds which includes chocolate, strawberry, mango, orange, and many more.  As whey isolate is meant for high quantity protein, it usually comes without flavour. Adding flavours can increase the amount of calories in it. 
Best time to consume is in the morning and before going to bed as it takes time to get absorbed by muscles.  Best time to consume the whey isolate is 30 minutes after the workout session as it is fast absorbable. 

Both whey protein concentrate and isolate provide almost similar results to the consumers. No matter what your training goal is, be it muscle building, gaining weight, or weight management. Usually, people who are in a weight loss regime prefer whey protein isolate but they will get the same result if they incorporate whey protein concentrate with high intensity exercise. So choose anyone but keep these all things in mind that will help you to choose the best whey protein supplement as per your need

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