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Women and Weights: Why you Should be Lifting

Written By Puneet

Women weight lifting

Women lifting weights lead to bulky women right? WRONG! Lifting weights actually has numerous benefits!!

With all due respect to cardiovascular excercises, women stand a better chance of losing fat while weight training, even after the workout is finished! Your metabolism and the calories you burn are largely linked to the muscle mass you have. So the more muscle your body has, the more energy your body burns. So you could just be burning calories sitting down and reading this article…that is if you weight train.

There are two benefits of weight training. Firstly it causes one to be stronger. The entire principle of failing under training is not only building endurance but also character. Secondly, lifting weights strengthens your bones. When you perform a curl your muscles tug on your arm’s bones. This in turn causes the development of new bone cells. Postmenopausal women stand a greater chance of getting osteoporosis because their bodies no longer secrete estrogen. Weight training it has been shown increased spinal bone mass by 9%!

Other benefits of weight training for females include an increase in flexiblity, caused by performing the full range of motion for all excercises, which strengthen your core muscles which furthermore will actually help you do more cardio thus losing fat. Weight training will also improve your heart health. A study from the American Heart Association shows that women who lift weight are actually less likely to have heart disease factors like large waist, elevated blood pressure and glucose levels!

Reasons why women should lift weights: Most interestingly, women are actually going to drop in dress size while weightlifting! Weight training has had a notoriously bad reputation for making women bigger and bulkier. Not true. The more your weight comes from muscle rather than fat, the smaller your frame will be. Bodyweight will go up because of weight training but dress size will surely come down. Any of you women worried that you will become like a bodybuilder? This is next to impossible. Not because of the weights but because your bodies will never naturally boost testosterone to bulk you up.

So ladies, lift heavy. Your bodies will thank you!

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