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Women’s Health: Prevent The Top Threats

high blood pressure symptoms in women

With more and more issues popping up in the realm of general health and wellness, one can never be too careful when it comes to taking care of ourselves, especially in the case of women.  

Women’s bodies are prone to many health issues due to hormonal imbalances and gynecological problems. These in turn result in the development of chronic diseases in women such as cardiovascular diseases, PCOS, cancer, and diabetes. Often the symptoms of stroke in women or the beginning of issues related to high blood pressure symptoms in women go unnoticed due to lack of awareness or mental orientation towards self-care. The good news is that most women health issues and diseases can be avoided if women’s signs are identified and the right steps are taken timely.

Let us understand more about the prominent health issues that are currently prevailing amongst women and how making changes to your lifestyle can help avoid them.

Preventing The Top Threats 

Here are a few female problems that women could potentially face and can become a threat to life. Let us learn how to prevent them by understanding the female signs

Checking For Breast Cancer 

Breast cancer is one of the most aggressive cancers that has affected the female population. Nearly 1.8 million women in India have been diagnosed with stage 3 or 4 breast cancer. This condition is treatable but only if diagnosed at an early stage. Breast cancer often manifests itself in the form of solid, benign lumps on the breasts. 

Always make sure to conduct regular self-examinations with the assistance of a mirror and consult a medical practitioner from time-to-time in order to be on the lookout for any sudden changes. 

Avoiding Smoke

Various studies have shown that women are at a higher risk of developing cancer and respiratory diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases like bronchitis and emphysema from inhaling smoke or other harmful gases. This especially puts women who smoke in immediate danger of developing a lung condition as well. Make sure to take measures like limiting your exposure to toxic gases and pollutants, and keeping yourself sanitized. Another good way to protect yourself from these pollutants is to keep yourself inoculated regularly by taking flu shots every year. 

Preventing Heart Disease

Heart disease is extremely common among middle-aged women. However, it is not as easily recognized or diagnosed as heart problem symptoms in females tend to present themselves with very subtle signs such as pain in the lower abdomen, nausea, and fatigue, which can be written off as symptoms of just any disease. As a result, several women fail to get diagnosed with any underlying heart condition for a long time until they can no longer be treated. This is a common cause of death among several females worldwide. However, one can always make sure to take steps such as exercising regularly, maintaining a balanced diet, and checking up with a medical practitioner every once in a while to make sure that women’s heart rate falls under the normal range. The normal range of blood pressure for women above 20 years is 120/80 mm Hg.  

Conducting Mental Check-Ins 

Even in 2021, mental health and clinically diagnosed mental disorders are a huge taboo in society, especially in India.  Various studies have shown that women are more prone to developing chronic mental disorders such as anxiety disorders, depression, or panic attacks. This combined with the tedious task of maintaining a balance between work and personal life can often take a toll on someone. 

It is important that you make sure to take some time out to focus on yourself every now and then. Have regular check-ins with yourself about your mental condition that help you assess how you feel about your life and the things going on in it. And if you do feel like there is something that is bothering you, make sure to consult a licensed mental health practitioner who can help you sort out your issues.

Taking Care Of Your Brain 

Research has shown that women are at a significantly higher risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or Huntington’s as they are more likely to be carrying a gene called AopE-4 which has been recognized as a precursor to several debilitating mental disorders. 

Diseases like Alzheimer’s usually start off with simple bouts of confusion or forgetfulness which, left unchecked, develop into full-fledged memory impairment. While there is no definite cure for these disorders, you can take measures like limiting your screen time, consuming B vitamins, eating a healthy balanced diet, and regularly stimulating your brain in order to avoid them. 

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