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Yoga in Daily Life: Create Balance of Body and Mind

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Yoga in daily life
How Yogasana Postures Shape Our Life Balance
Importance of Yoga
Types of Yogasana

Yoga in daily life helps unify the mind, body, and soul and helps in creating work life balance. Yoga that includes a wide range of practices like physical exercises, breathing, and Meditation. Many studies are available with proven yoga benefits in every way. An ancient practice has now been evolved and given many different names, styles, versions, variants, and forms. However, Yoga overall is the medium of connecting us to our true nature and inner self.

How Yogasana Postures Shape Our Life Balance

Yoga in daily life helps you to stay calm and composed and creates a balanced approach. Mental health issues are really becoming the pain of life that can make people lose the balance of work and life.

Incorporating the yogasana postures in their lifestyle can have significant improvements in emotions, compassion, loving, empathy, and others that are essential for a balanced approach toward life. 

Stretching, oxygenates, and tightens the muscles while performing the Yoga asanas helps to fight against obesity, one of the biggest causes of imbalancing life and promotes staying in shape. 

Importance of Yoga

Yoga practice helps in controlling the mind, body and soul that brings physical and mental disciplines together to achieve a peaceful mind

  1. Manages stress and anxiety
  2. Keeps you relaxing, calm, and composed 
  3. Helps in increasing flexibility, muscle strength and body tone 
  4. Improves respiration, energy and vitality 
  5. Use yoga pose for weight loss
  6. Builds flexibility, strength,and confidence
  7. Regular practice of yoga can help improving immunity 
  8. Maintaining a healthier lifestyle

Types of Yogasana

Some common asanas in Yoga in daily life have already proved the effectiveness of them to achieve perfect health by just seeking the right balance between work, life, and emotions. Though there are many Asana types.

Surya Namaskar

1. Surya Namaskar 

With Daily practicing, get the benefits of Surya Namaskar 

  1. Surya namaskar is a complete exercise
  2. Effective yogasan for weight loss, growth, strength
  3. Improves metabolism, 
  4. Improves mobility and flexibility, 
  5. Better blood circulation,
  6. Ensures the regular menstrual in women, 
  7. Strengthen muscles, 

2. Pranayama

This is a simple breathing exercise that affects your health in many ways. Here are some of its benefits:

  1. Better sleep quality
  2. Reduction in stress
  3. Improved concentration and focus
  4. Increased mindfulness
  5. Better cognitive function
  6. Reduction in high blood pressure

3. Bhujangasana

Also known as cobra pose. Very good asana for spine health especially. Some benefits are:

  1. Toned hips
  2. Soothes sciatica
  3. Asthma therapeutic
  4. Stretching for abdomen, lungs, and shoulders
  5. Strengthens your spine
  6. Aids in relieving the fatigue and stress
Hala Asana

4. Hala Asana

Popularly known as plow pose and offer wide range of benefits:

  1. Keep calm and composed your brain
  2. Stimulates the thyroid gland and abdominal organs
  3. Relieves in menopause
  4. Better for mental health
  5. Therapeutic for headache, insomnia, backache

5. Matsyasana

A fish pose has many health benefits to share:

  1. Relieves tension 
  2. Comforts throat, neck and shoulders
  3. Stretching exercises for abdominals and front neck
Dhanur Asana

6. Dhanur Asana

Bow pose has benefits, including:

  1. Improved blood circulation
  2. Better health of spinal nerves 
  3. Reducing the weight
  4. Elasticity to back
  5. Improved functions of pancreas
  6. Better for digestion health

7. Trikonasana

Fats from love handles are hard to burn. Trikonasana does it easily with other benefits:

  1. Stimulates the organs
  2. Stress reduction
  3. Increase the stability of muscles
  4. Improved endurance

8. Mayurasana

Want to know or increase your strength, do Mayurasana daily. Some other benefits are:

  1. Energizes organs
  2. Strengthens muscles
  3. Better functioning of liver, kidneys, liver
  4. Improved blood circulation

9. Vajrasana

Best yoga after your meal. Other benefits are:

  1. Keep mind stable and calm
  2. Relive the knee pain
  3. Curing the gas formation
  4. Treats urinary issues
  5. Strengths the thigh muscles

10. Vrikshasana

The tree pose is popularly used for toning the leg muscles. Here are some other benefits:

  1. Improves the neuromuscular coordination
  2. Aids in endurance
  3. Creates balance
  4. Improves the concentration and alertness
  5. Good for people with sciatica


Practicing yoga might seem like stretching, but it is more than that. Regular practicing can shape the way you feel, look, or move. It also enhances your energy levels and broadens your perception towards things, life, and people. Even easy asanas in yoga can make a difference which is hard to notice with intense workout especially when it comes to mental peace. Easy asanas like breathing exercises are hard to perform if you indulge in wrong breathing. When done the right way, it helps to remove all toxins from our nose, throat, and lungs.

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