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10 Best Supplement to Gain Weight

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

Weight gain supplement

Everyone wants a perfect body that one has idealised by watching movie stars, bodybuilders, and gym goers. And of course that body cannot be skinny. Got tired by hitting the gym or eating too much but still not seeing the desired result. Then it is high time to give weight gainers at least a try. But if you are a beginner, you may make some big mistakes that can hamper you from achieving the target, like taking mass gainer instead of weight gainer. So, first know your supplement right. 

How Weight Gainer Is Different From Mass Gainer

How Weight Gainer Is Different From Mass Gainer

Many of us confused mass gainer with weight gainer and ended up with no desired result. So, it is important to understand the difference before using them. 

Mass Gainer: It is used to increase muscle mass. This supplement contains protein, fats, and carbohydrates but protein is higher than carbohydrates and fats. Mass gainer is a good source of fibers. It needs heavy training to get lean mass. 

Weight Gainer: It is used to increase weight. It consists of higher carbohydrates in comparison of proteins. Weight gainers are a better calorie source for you in comparison to mass gainers. Quality of fibers is not so good. As it is hard gainers, it needs mild training.

Now, you can easily pick weight gainers without any confusion with mass gainers. Here are 10 best supplements for weight gain

MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer with Added Digezyme: MuscleBlaze is one of the best supplement brands that has been manufacturing muscle gainers for the past few years but soon became the popular choice among Indian fitness enthusiasts. The weight gainer is loaded with high quality protein to promote healthy weight gain in women and men both. Per serving, it consists of 387 calories that proves to be effective in developing new muscle and preventing muscle loss at the same time. So that you always stay up for healthy gain. The supplement is fortified with DigeZyme that helps in absorption of essential nutrients in the body to nourish your overall health and wellness.

GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer:  GNC is one of the popular health supplement brands in the world. With its Pro Performance Weight Gainer it can easily meet your high clean calorie target as it provides 440g carbohydrates and 2200 calories. Along with that, it supplies many essentials like BCAAs, proteins, and digestive enzymes to make your weight gain target very easy to achieve by helping in protein and carbohydrate  breakdown. 

Endura Mass: It is packed with the goodness of soy proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to offer you energy for your daily work after your intense workout. Endura Mass is an ideal supplement if you are looking for vitamins A, B, C, and E with phosphorus and calcium to support your immune system. This weight gainer doesn’t only help you to gain weight but also fight against muscle fatigue due to your rigorous heavy weight training. 

MyProtein Impact Weight Gainer: MyProtein is getting a big name in the health supplement industry with its innovation and commitment to give the best. If you doesn’t only want to gain weight but also muscle mass, Impact Weight Gainer is an ideal choice for you. As this gainer features a rich blend of clean carbohydrates and proteins, it energizes the body. With 49g of carbs, 30g proteins, and 360 calories in each serving, the weight gainer helps you respect all your high- intensity workouts and efforts.

Guardian BigBolt Weight Gainer: Guardian is one of those names who disrupted the health supplement world with its innovation and dedication to manufacture the best supplements. BigBolt Weight Gainer is the best weight gainer from the Guardian house, a reputed name in the health industry still maintaining its charishma for over 15 years in India. It provides 73 grams proteins, 440g carbs and 2200 calories when you mix it with milk. The weight gainer is a super blend of 3 proteins: whey protein isolate, concentrate and calcium caseinate to replenish your protein needs.

Six Pack Nutrition Bulk: A perfect mix of Carbs and protein in 5:1 ratio makes Six Pack Nutrition Bulk different from other weight gainers. It is loaded with B complex vitamins that helps for energy production and muscle growth. It also coordinates muscle movement through the nervous system. With its antioxidant property, it supports fast muscle recovery and effective growth. This dense energy formula is also packed with 11 essential vitamins that help the high metabolic persons with weak appetites.

BigMuscles Smart Gainer: BigMuscles is a trusted brand that is serving the best quality nutrition to fitness enthusiasts since 2009.  Smart Gainer by BigMuscles is a perfect mix of high quality carbs, proteins, dextrin, creatine monohydrate, malt, and starch for your overall fitness growth. It reduces muscle breakdown and improves immunity by supplying nutrients in your body throughout the training session for a longer time.

MightyX Weight Gainer K9: Weight Gainer K9 is a very well known weight gainer introduced by MightyX.  It is a safe supplement that can be consumed by anyone whether he is fitness enthusiasts or any who only wants to gain weight in a healthy way. K9 contains added L-Glutamine and Creatine Monohydrate to leave you energized throughout the workout and avoid injury or muscle fatigue. It is also a rich source of Dietary Fiber that takes good care of your digestion process. 

Amaze Amino Mass: Amino Mass is a vegetarian option for your weight gain and bulk up, introduced by Amaze. It maintains a high energy level while you are on your heavy training regime. It is a rich source of best quality natural amino that helps in building muscle mass. Along with its excellent chocolate taste, it maintains a high energy level even after your intense training. 

Mahaved Weight Gainer Whey Protein: This weight gainer is also called Herbal Weight Gainer as it contains many plant based products like kesar, badam, and pista. It is introduced by Mahaved and consists of whey protein which is especially designed for weight gain. It digests fast but easily and has a rich source for overall health and wellness. 

If you are looking up plants for weight gaining, herbal weight gainer is the best option for you. Ari Nutrition and Tara Fitness are very popular herbal weight gainers in the market.

These are the best supplements for weight Gain from the leading brands in India. Before buying any of these, you have to be sure if you really need them. Pick any top 10 weight gainer supplement that suits you the most with the help of experts and strive forward towards your goal.

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