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10 gym rules you must follow

10 Gym Rules You Must Follow
We have all heard about Gym Etiquette and some of us feel strongly about it. Read on to find out why you should embrace gym etiquette & how it can enhance your workouts for good!

1. Handle Weights With Care

You can lift heavy. But that doesn’t mean you pile up assorted dumbbells, barbells & weights all around you. A big waste of time is looking for weights and not finding the right one. So while you are right there sweating it out, it doesn’t matter to clean up later on.  No one is expecting you to sterilize the machine or weight. When you walk into the gym – you expect machines and weights to be sparkling clean. So just extend the same courtesy to others. Carrying a small towel will do the trick & who knows, it might win you favor with the ladies.

2.  Get A Spotter

We all know that time is costlier than money and that makes us want get the best mileage from our exercise routine. A useful idea is to find a buddy who is working out the same body parts as you are. You can use the machine in an alternate manner – “spotting” each other, ensuring that the form is correct. Having a spotter is great – you have no idea how much a little egging by your spotter will impact your workout.

A Word About Cardio – we are all too familiar with cardio machines not being available and people using one for like half an hour. Don’t let this bother you at all – you can get a killer warm up doing squats or jumping jacks and the like. The gym is not about the machines – it’s about doing the right set of exercises and improvising for the best outcomes.

3. Don’t Roar!

Unnecessary loud noise tends to deteriorate peace and makes the work out more chaotic. If you focus on conversation, then you’re definitely not focussing on your reps. Also, if you’re growling or grunting – it’s ok, as long as you are at the end of your strength. Voicing a roar on every rep isn’t a good idea. Yes, the gym is about strength & manliness – but it’s also about focus.

4.  Don’t Dish Out Unwanted Advice

It feels great when you get to guide newbies. However, it’s not why you’re in the gym. A better idea is to lead by example. Also, people have different goals, issues and paths. Some prefer strength training while others are nuts about pilates. That’s why good gyms have different instructors. Leave training the noobs to the trainers – they are suited to the job. Also, you go to the gym to train yourself – not someone else. However, if you see someone doing incorrect exercises – it’s a good idea to speak to that person & show him the correct form. Better still, ask an instructor to show him how it’s done. The right person is the gym instructor who will guide them in the right direction. Don’t forget that your critique might actually harm someones motivation.

5. Don’t Stare

That gorgeous gal might be the most wanted babe in the gym. Chances are you might want to hit on her. However if your advance are towards the machine next to hers will only signal pushy behavior and definitely unwelcoming. Ogling at them would only make things uncomfortable for you and her. Moreover it’s not even decent to stare at women while they are working it out. It tells them that you’re a pervert – not the best message at all.

6.  Ringer Off Please!

You want to be updated with the latest information about your office circuit or close friend’s whereabouts. Ofcourse, the world is moving fast – but it’s not something that you will not be able to catch up with once you’re done with your work out. Remember that you’re in the gym for a limited 50 to 70 minutes. Don’t text, don’t call, don’t play games. Work out. You owe that much to yourself.

7. Dress Right

While it is critical to choose the right fitness machine to tone your body it is all the more important to choose the right gear to sweat it out. So while lose clothing tend to hamper your workout speed, tight ones tend to hamper your circulation making it tough to breathe. Choose the right workout gear to sweat it out. Sure it feels good to wear something that shows off your hot bod – but nothing feels better like feeling 100% healthy. It’s a critical choice, so make the right one.

8. Don’t Show off

You might tend to catch upon certain Mr. India in the gym grunting and panting their weight to catch other’s attention. While he may not know it, people usually are put down by such behaviors and address them as show-offs merely to grab attention of other gym members. Don’t get into the narcissistic mode – there isn’t much to gain from it & you’ll end up alienating some gym buddies.

9. Feeling Fresh?

It might not be important for some men to lather roll-on over their bodies but this small effort only makes the pleasure of sweating it out more enjoyable and less smelly. A little deodorant is preferable. Also, it’s more hygienic and well advised. You want to amass strength & health – not stink.

10. Respect Thy Neighbour

Foul language tends to turn off people who are in gym. Being decent and talking less always acquires respect from other gym members. Like any other place, you are sharing your space with others. So be considerate to make sure that you don’t use language that can potentially hurt others.

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