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10 Healthy Foods For Bulking Up

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

Healthy Foods

To gain weight you need the same kind of dedication, self discipline, and motivation that you usually show in losing weight. You will find some supplements like whey protein as crucial as that you find them in losing weight. People usually think bulking up is an easy and enjoyable thing to do but you can’t bulk up while compromising the nutrient values. Because you will suffer the health issues if you try to bulk up with junk and processed foods. You will not get strength in your muscles to lift the weights properly. Here you will get 10 healthy foods to bulk up. 

Foods For Bulking Up: 

Are you trying to make a muscle gaining diet plan but unable to decide what foods you should include in it ? Here are 10 high calorie foods for bulking. 

  1. Milk and dairy products: Milk is a great source of a wide range of nutrients including protein, calcium, fats, calories, and other minerals which are required for building muscles. So, milk is the best choice as a muscle gainer food.
  2. Nuts: 50 grams Nuts consists of up to 300 calories. Along with that these are great sources of micro nutrients and other essential minerals so you must include them in your bulking diet plan.
  3. Meat: While curating your healthy diet plan for weight gain make sure to include L-Carnitine rich foods that are very much important to produce energy. Meat is a great source of it. Also takes care of the requirements of fats, protein, carbohydrates, calories, and others. 
  4. Eggs: You need excellent amounts of protein, omega 3 fatty acids, and other nutrients for better muscles build up. No weight gain diet chart can be completed without adding eggs. 
  5. Seeds: There are many seeds which have high calories. Flaxseeds contain 152 calories per 28 gram, chia seeds contain 137 calories per 28 gram, hemp seeds contain 155 calories per 28 grams, sesame seeds contain 160 calories per 28 gram, and many more with other minerals and nutrients. Include them in your  muscle gain diet chart for faster results. 
  6. Oil: Curating gain mass diet plan without mentioning oil is incomplete. These are great sources of calories. For gaining mass, 20 to 35 percentage calories must come from fat, you need not to worry about it in the presence of olive oil that consists of 120 calories in a spoon. 
  7. Fish: In your food chart to gain weight, you must include fish that consists of a large amount of calories from fats and proteins. Use marckel, herring, salmon, and other fish as your  food for mass gain.
  8. Dark Chocolate: To fix sugar cravings, you need to introduce dark chocolate in your  mass gaining diet. It is a great source of fats that give your large amount of calories. 
  9. Vegetables: Looking for another healthy food to gain weight, what can be more effective than vegetables. You must be wondering how vegetables are good for weight gaining whereas we take them for weight loss. There are some of the dense calorie vegetables like kale, peas, parsnip, brussels sprouts, and many more that make vegetables the best diet to gain weight. 
  10. Supplements: Foods have their limitations. You can’t eat more for large amounts of nutrients. So, supplements are there to help you gain weight. You can get the best tasting whey protein from various brands that is the most required supplement for bulking up. 

Always expect clean calories from your bulking diet for gaining weight. Along with taking these foods, try to do some exercises, sleep better, and drink plenty of water for getting faster bulk up. 

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