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10 Reasons Children Should Exercise

Written By Sumit Sinha

10 Reasons Children Should Exercise

There was a time when kids would not go back home until sunset because they were busy playing outside. But with the advent of mobile phones and portable gaming devices, children are spending more time indoors, cooped up in a corner. Restricting the movements of children is causing obesity and also hindering their overall development. This has become a major reason of concern for most of the parents around the world. Here are ten reasons why children needs to do some sort of physical exercise for at least 2 hours a day:

Yes! Being overweight has been a major issue nowadays with most of the kids. It is a general tendency of kids of this modern era to get their eyes glued to their parents mobile phones or simply play games on their play stations. This not only affects their eyesight but also hinders their normal growth process, causing their weight to be more than their ideal weight. There are a lot of good exercises for kids that can help them shed some extra calories and maintain a healthy body weight. If your child loves to play games, then why not enroll him into some outdoor games like football, swimming, basketball, etc.

Regular exercise helps in improving the cardiovascular health of your children. Exercise helps to pump blood and oxygen around their body. In fact some of the healthy exercises for kids like running and swimming are also known to reduce the risk factors linked with cardiovascular health such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity.

A balanced diet along with some exercises helps in improving the flexibility, coordination and strength of your child. Push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and tug-of-war are some of the fitness exercises for kids, which helps in strengthening their muscles and thus improves their flexibility and overall health.

Exercise works the same way on bones just like how it works on the muscles. Yes! Regular exercises are known to make both the bones and muscles of your child stronger. Bones are made of living tissues and therefore it changes accordingly to the forces applied upon it. Exercises for kids like running, jumping and climbing help their bones to build more cells and become more dense.

Motor skills are linked with your child’s motions and movements. Fine motor skills involve even the slightest movement of muscles of your toddler. Some motor skills improving physical activities for toddlers are setting a target and letting them hit it with a soft ball and making clay dolls. These activities help in improving their hand and eye coordination.

There are some kids who suffer from problems like fidgeting, lack of focus, etc. these are some symptoms of being a hyperactive child. Football, cricket, etc. are some exercises for children that are known to reduce hyperactivity in kids. These sports help in increasing their focus too.

Improper posture in children can lead to headache, back and neck pain along with fatigue. There are a lot of kids’ workouts that help them improve their posture such as stretching, jumping, etc.

Studies have also shown that regular exercising helps in improving a child’s academic achievement. Yes! You read that right. Regular exercise encourages your child’s brain to work better by multiplying their nerve cells. It also strengthens the interconnections of these nerve cells and thus protects them from getting damaged.

Exercise is known to boost their confidence, improve their mood, increase positivity and thus strengthen their self-esteem. Exercise is also a fantastic way of relieving stress and anxiety.

Kids workout or games like cricket, basketball, football, etc. that are usually played in a team, helps your child to learn a lot of things. The first thing that they learn is gelling up friends, there are a lot of kids who find it very difficult to come out of their shells. Sports like these helps them become a team player.

When it comes to fitness for kids, parents cannot simply close their eyes. As you can see there are a lot of health benefits of doing regular exercise. Exercise not only makes your child stronger physically but makes them stronger mentaly as well. So, if you want your child to grow into a healthy adult, then make sure to invest some money on enrolling them to a sports or dance club, rather than investing on a playstation.

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