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2600 Calorie Indian Weight Gain Diet Plan

Written By Priti Bhatia

indian diet plan for weight gain

This 2600 Calorie Indian Weight Gain Diet plan can be really helpful for a healthy weight gain. But is a weight gain diet plan enough for the same? Let's have a look!

It’s a common misconception that it is difficult to build muscle while following a vegetarian diet plan for muscle gain. However, that’s not true. So, we have come up with a diet plan for beginners that can help vegetarians build muscle without having to switch over to non-vegetarian food. 

Weight Gain

Gaining weight and body mass may look easier than losing weight or burning fat, however, this isn’t the case. When we talk about weight gain, the first thing that comes to mind is eating food. But that is neither the true picture nor the complete one. Weight gain here in a true sense is – “Healthy Weight Gain“. And, one of the most important contributors to a healthy weight gain is – A healthy and well-structured diet plan.

A weight gain diet plan is not something you can just come up within a jiffy. The right way to go for this is consulting a certified nutritionist or dietitian. Especially, in the scenario of an Indian cuisine, an ideal Indian Weight Gain Plan can be a great help. The factors one needs to keep mind is:

So, without further ado, let’s go ahead and have a look at a 2600 Calorie Indian Weight Gain Diet Plan that can be helpful for healthy weight gain.

2600 Calorie Indian Weight Gain Diet Plan

6 AM -7 AM Early Morning Toned Milk + Almonds (Soaked) + Walnuts 1 Glass + 5 + 5
8 AM – 9 AM Breakfast Broken Wheat Porridge (Dalia) OR 2 Bowl
    Whole wheat slices with Peanut butter 6 slices + 2 tbsp
    Banana           2
11 AM – 12 PM Mid Morning Mass Gainer with Milk 1 Serving
2 PM – 3 PM Lunch Normal Roti+ Rice / Masala Dosa 3 Roti + 1 Cup /  3 Dosas
    Paneer curry/ Sambhar/ 1 Cup
    Potato with curd 1 Cup
    Green Salad 1 Quarter Plate
    Fruit Juice 1 glass
5 PM – 6 PM Evening Mass Gainer 1 Scoop
8 PM -9 PM Dinner Normal Roti 3
    Pulse (Dal) / Egg white curry 1 Cup
    Seasonal Vegetables 1 Cup
10:00 PM Bed Time Banana Shake + Almonds 1 Glass+ 5 Almonds

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*Please Note – 

  • Mass Gainer Serving is subjective to scoop size. It can be reduced to half as per the requirement.
  • You can consult your dietitian before you begin this weight gain diet
  • You may make customized changes as advised by your dietitian keeping in mind your specific weight gain requirements

Things To Remember

  1. Healthy weight gain is only possible when you are disciplined with your diet plan and do not indulge in junk food habits
  2. Even though you are gaining weight, still regular workout is very important to gain weight in the form of good muscle mass
  3. Keep your dietitian in loop for any queries for best and effective results

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    Alok Pratap Singh
    This Indian Weight Gain Diet plan helped me to gain strength in muscles. Nice information.
    2021 May 21
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