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5 Benefits of High Protein Snacks You Must Know

Written By HealthKart
Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

High protein snacks

While eating carbohydrate-rich snacks may often be frowned upon, there is usually a consensus about consuming high protein snacks. These types of snacks are available in all shapes and sizes and can often serve as a quick source of energy. You can consume these snacks regardless of whether you are an avid fitness enthusiast or not. This brings into question the actual health benefits of consuming snacks that are high in protein. 

Benefits Protein Rich Snacks

High protein snacks are those bite-sized food items that can provide you with an additional boost of dietary protein. These can be protein bars, dried and roasted nuts, fat-free Greek yoghurt as well as salads that have lean meat like tuna. The best part of these foods is that you can consume them in a few bites and go about your daily activities with an added boost of energy. Listed below are some of the best benefits of protein rich snacks:

1. Controls Appetite

There are two main reasons healthy protein snacks can help you control untimely hunger. Firstly, protein helps to reduce a hormone known as ghrelin which is responsible for inducing hunger. Secondly, protein also steadily increases the levels of Peptide YY in your body which leaves you feeling full for a longer time. Hence, if you tend to get hungry quite often, then it is best to consume snacks that are high in protein to control unwanted hunger pangs. 

2. Builds Strength and Muscle

The role of protein in building muscle mass is well known. Consuming high protein snacks can not only help you increase muscle mass but also promote regeneration of lost muscle. Moreover, studies conducted in 2012 and 2015 have proven that high protein foods indeed help in building muscle mass. If you are a regular gym-goer, then the impact of protein on your muscle gain goals is even more important.

3. Enhances Bones

There is a common misconception that eating too much protein can increase the acid levels in your body. This can cause your bones to dissolve over time, leading to reduced Bone Mineral Density (BMD).  However, the research speaks otherwise. Recent research has shown that if you consume high protein and fiber foods, you are more likely to maintain healthy bone density as you age. Hence, this reduces your risk of developing osteoporosis

4. Promotes Healthy Metabolism

The main reason high protein snacks can boost your metabolism is due to a phenomenon called the thermic effect of food. This happens when your body burns calories during the digestive process. Protein rich foods and snacks usually have a higher thermic effect, which means you will burn more calories if you eat these snacks regularly. In fact, according to one study, test subjects who were on a high protein diet, burnt 260 calories more each day than the test subjects who were on a low protein diet. 

5. Helps the Body Heal

Since proteins are often known as the building blocks of the human body, it is obvious that high calorie and protein foods can help to heal the body from injuries. Wherever your injury is, consuming enough proteins can help to accelerate the healing process of the body. This is also backed up by scientific studies. Most of these studies have proven that high protein snacks and food items can enhance the rate of recovery in people with physical injuries. 


Although eating high protein snacks has a multitude of health benefits, too much of anything can do you more harm than good. Therefore, you will have to get professional medical advice from your doctor regarding the safe levels of protein intake for you. While most people usually get their Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of protein from their daily diets, there are some who need additional supplementation. Protein rich snacks like nuts, protein bars, Greek yoghurt, cottage cheese, tuna, hummus, and eggs are some of the most appetizing options for you if you think you have protein deficiency.

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