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5 Mass Gainer Side Effects You Should Be Wary Of

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mass gainer side effects
Unhealthy Weight Gain
Increases The Risk Of Diabetes
Issues With Digestion
Liver Damage
Kidney Damage

A mass gainer is a nutritional supplement that is designed to gradually increase the muscle mass count in your body by supplying it with the required amounts of essential food groups such as lean proteins, healthy carbohydrates, and fats. It is primarily available in the form of a powder and works by increasing the caloric intake of the body to the point that you begin putting on extra weight. A lot of medical practitioners recommend consuming mass gainer in combination with a healthy balanced diet and a fixed exercise regimen in order to get the maximum amount of health benefits and to avoid any mass gainer side effects.

What we need to keep in mind, however, is that these supplements are not manufactured for the purpose of bridging your nutritional gap by providing essential macronutrients, they are simply a source of meeting more than the required amount of calories that will help you put on some weight. Consuming them in excess can lead to a lot of mass gainer side effects that can manifest into serious health complications. 

Given below are a few mass gainer side effects that you can experience by consuming excess mass gainers:

1. Unhealthy Weight Gain

One of the most problematic things about mass gainers that can lead to mass gainer side effects is their sugar content. A lot of companies incorporate a lot of sugar into their product as a cost-cutting way of introducing weight gaining properties into their supplement, as well as enhancing the flavour profile of the product. 

The issue with this is the fact that sugars can be an excessive source of calories and carbs, leading to mass gainer side effects such as the storing of fat and causing random spikes in the insulin levels of the body. A lot of manufacturers also try to trick you into thinking their supplements are free from sugars by listing added sugar under different names such as maltodextrin or corn syrup. 

These substituted sugar components can lead to further mass gainer side effects such as fluctuations in blood pressure, unhealthy weight gain, and increasing LDL cholesterol levels. 

2. Increases The Risk Of Diabetes

The extremely high sugar content found in most gainers can not only lead to unhealthy weight gain but also lead to other side effects of gainer such as increasing your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This is primarily because obesity and cholesterol have been identified as two of the most prominent markers for diabetes. 

Other side effects of gainer include interfering with the regulation of glucose levels in the body, which can cause a drop in your energy levels throughout the day. In case you want to still consume mass gainer supplements without being at too much of a risk for the side effects of gainer, you need to make sure that you pick a product that incorporates the perfect ratio of macronutrients such as lean proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats. 

A good habit to develop would be to check the back of your product label for any ingredients that you do not recognise and googling them to find out what effect they may have on your body. 

3. Issues With Digestion

Excessive consumption of mass gainer supplements can often lead to weight gainer side effects such as cramps and bloating. One of the primary reasons as to why this happens is because your body is not accustomed to consuming so many calories, mostly sugar in a single go. 

This can interfere with the absorption of nutrients, especially in the small intestine. These particular weight gainer side effects are more exaggerated in the case of people who have been diagnosed with lactose intolerance since most mass gainers have been formulated using milk sources. 

This can lead to serious weight gainer side effects such as flatulence, diarrhoea and constipation. In case you have been diagnosed with lactose intolerance, you can try swapping out casein-based mass gainer supplements for some supplements that are completely dairy-free and derived from plant-based sources such as rice, hemp, pea and soy protein. 

4. Liver Damage

Mass gainers are infused with a fair amount of protein as well in order to boost their weight enhancing properties. Consuming excessive mass gainers can also increase the concentration of protein in your body to the point that it cannot be processed properly by the liver. 

Exceeding the recommended daily allowance of protein can cause gainer side effects such as hindering the absorption of nutrients and interfering with the metabolic activity of the body. The presence of excessive creatine in these mass gainer supplements can also lead to gainer side effects such as excessive dehydration. 

The reduced amount of water in the body causes an increased amount of friction among internal organs, especially the liver. One of the most important things to keep in mind while supplementing your diet with mass gainer supplements is to drink enough water to avoid gainer side effects caused by creatine. 

5. Kidney Damage

Nutritional supplements such as weight gainers can have a deteriorating effect on your health when consumed in excess, especially ones that have been incorporated with too much protein. This can lead to mass gainer effects such as the formation of kidney stones within the body. 

In case you still need to consume mass gainers, you can make sure to avoid these mass gainer effects by including a lot of fibre rich foods in your diet and drinking a lot of water. Mass gainers also have a lot of caffeine which can have a negative impact on your sleep by disrupting your REM cycle. 

In the long run, this can lead to the development of mass gainer effects such as insomnia or even certain mental health disorders such as anxiety or depression. 


The best way to avoid most of these mass gainer side effects would be to get your nutrition from natural and whole sources of foods with minerals such as fruits and vegetables. You need to include all the essential kinds of micro and macronutrients as well to make sure your nutrition is balanced and healthy. Always make sure to consult with a medical health practitioner before supplementing your nutritional intake with health supplements such as mass gainers in order to avoid any potential side effects of gainer

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