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Pros And Cons Of Consuming Mass Gainer Protein

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

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Mass gainer protein is a health supplement that is formulated to increase the amount of muscle in your body. This is primarily done by increasing the caloric intake of the person and providing the body with the required fats, carbs, and lean proteins. These supplements are available in the form of a powder and are recommended to be consumed in combination with a healthy balanced diet and a rigid exercise regimen to promote healthy weight gain without any unwanted gainer side effects.

Mass gainer protein is usually formulated using a rich blend of various sources of proteins such as egg whites, milk protein isolates, and casein. They contain a lot of essential carbohydrates and fats based on a nutrient called maltodextrin, commonly found in food sources such as tapioca, wheat, and corn. Mass gainer protein supplements also contain a wide variety of other added nutrients such as dietary fiber, fats, creatine and other such minerals to make them a complete source of nutrition for every individual.

While these supplements for muscle gain can potentially increase our body weight and muscle mass, they only contain a limited amount of these essential micronutrients and may not actually fulfil your nutritional requirements. Which is why it is important for us to understand the functions of the mass protein and utilise it accordingly.

Given below are some of the pros and cons of supplementing your nutritional intake with a mass gainer protein. 

Pros Of Mass Gainer Protein

Here are some of the benefits of introducing supplements for muscle gain to your daily nutritional intake: 

Rich In Calories

high calorie count

One of the primary factors that enable supplements for muscle gain to increase the natural muscle mass in your body is their high calorie count. When consumed in combination with a healthy balanced diet, these supplements provide your body with an additional amount of calories, putting you in a state of surplus. The best gainer for mass gain then increases the flow of blood to your tissues and works towards enhancing the muscles in your body, giving you the ideal body composition within just a few weeks. A single serving of this supplement can give you up to 4000 mass gainer calories.

Rich In Creatine

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Creatine is a common compound found in the best gainer for mass gain. It primarily helps with increasing the natural energy output of your muscles and boosting the amount of blood that it receives while adding certain substances which nourish your body. Creatine is also useful for reducing the buildup of lactic acid in our muscles after prolonged physical exertion. This makes it an ideal choice of ingredient to include in several pre and post workout shakes as well. 


amino acids

Our body requires 11 essential amino acids to function properly. These amino acids work by gradually optimising your intake of protein and aiding simple tasks like improving the concentration of oxygen within the muscles and maintaining blood flow. The best gainer for mass gain is incorporated with L-glutamine, an essential amino acid which also helps with aiding the repairing process of the muscle tissue after being subjected to stress. This is useful for a lot of athletes and bodybuilders. 

Aids Recovery And Growth Of Muscle

Our muscles undergo a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis due to several activities. Gaining weight can make this process all the more exaggerated since you need to combine your nutritional intake with a lot of physical exercise as well. This supplement contains mass gainer ingredients such as essential minerals that help deal with the lactic acid buildup in our muscles while boosting the repairing process of muscle tissue. 

Available In Several Compositions

Consuming too little or too many calories can either have no effect or a completely unwanted consequence on your body. It is required for us to consume the exact amount of additional calories so as to put the body in a state of caloric surplus while enabling the muscle mass to grow and evolve freely. Mass gainer ingredients have been formulated in such a way that they are available in several variants depending on the amount of calories that they contain. This can help pinpoint your nutritional inadequacies and help fulfil them without going overboard. 

Cons Of Mass Gainer Protein

mass gainer protein in your daily diet

While mass gainers can definitely help you put on some weight, they can also have certain gainer side effects if not consumed properly. These supplements may not be compatible with your body and can end up having a lot of complications if used recklessly. Given below are some of the cons of including mass gainer protein in your daily diet:

Creatine With Caffeine

Mass gainer protein is often loaded with substances such as creatine and caffeine. While these compounds are beneficial to the body when consumed individually, combining them and then supplementing your diet with these substances without the right composition can have unwanted gainer side effects such as dehydration, loss of muscle, improper flow of blood, etc. 

Bad Taste

While it may not seem like much of a con, mass gainer ingredients are actually quite bad to taste and are hard to mask. Mass gainers do try to cover up this taste by being consumed in combination  with neutral liquids such as milk and water which can only work so much. Even if you don’t mind the taste, most supplements overload your internal organs due to the massive amount of mass gainer calories which can end up damaging the digestive tract. 

Loss Of Sleep

Mass gainer protein is often incorporated with massive amounts of caffeine as a way to boost muscle function. However, caffeine can have a negative impact on your sleep by disrupting your REM cycle. In the long run, this can lead to the development of health complications such as insomnia or even certain mental health disorders such as anxiety or depression. 

Unhealthy Weight Gain

The primary objective of consuming any mass gainer protein is to increase the weight of your body in a healthy and sustainable way. However, most of these supplements contain added ingredients such as flavours and sugars which can impact our body weight in a negative way. These ingredients cause the accumulation of fat in our body instead of muscle mass,  which can cause a lot of unwanted complications such as obesity and heart disease. It is important that you derive most of your calories from natural and whole foods, and use supplements such as mass gainers only as a last resort. 

Even so, the consumption of these supplements must  be combined with a healthy and balanced diet to avoid any unwanted complications.

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