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7 Common Nutrition Mistakes You Are Making

Written By Latika Gupta

7 Common Nutrition Mistakes You Are Making

Are you one of those who give prime importance to proper nutrition when it comes to health and diet? If you said yes, then you must also be the one making some common nutrition mistakes doing more harm then good to your body!

Once you settle in your daily workout routine, the next thing comes with prime importance for you is your diet, which in ideal case scenario should be a steady mix of all the natural nutrients required for building muscle and also recovering your body after workout. 

The important thing to understand here is that your diet and workout go hand in hand, as they both are imperative not only for your physique but also for enhancing your overall health and enabling you to give you best in whatever physical activity you plan to include in your regimen. Enough has already been said about the importance of nutrition for both men and women, still we end up making some serious nutrition mistakes that do more harm than good to our body and also leave a lasting effect on our health that cost us badly in the long run. 

Some of the most common nutrition mistakes that we make in our everyday life are:

1.Avoiding Pre and Post Workout Meals 

While many of the people involved in intense workout sessions do give importance to their post-workout meal, there are many who have no idea about the importance of both pre and post workout meals. If you think avoiding them will help you burn fat faster, then sorry dear, you are very much wrong here. While skipping pre and post workout meals might look like a logical idea to many, but at the end its all about calorie balance that really matters and if you fail to maintain that even best fat burner cannot help you. 

So, instead of denying your body of critical nutrients, when it needs them most to recover from the worn out of your intense gym session, indulge in some healthy eating as this is the best time for calories to not turn in fat. You can easily cut calories from your diet at some other point when your boy is in no need of energy, this will give far more positive effects. 

2.Avoiding Fruits Because Of Sugar 

If you have started skipping fruits because of their sugar content then start rethinking your decision. While we are not denying the fact that fruits does contain sugar, but its all natural sugar and won’t give any spike to your blood sugar levels, the way your regular table sugar does. 
Moreover, the fructose rich content of fruits helps in re-saturating the liver glycogen, which is one of the most important deciding factors for your body to release energy or not.

3.Believing That Only Calories Matter For Weight Maintenance

When there is no denying of the fact that calories does matter when it comes to weight management, but no matter whether you are trying to lose weight or gain some the type of calories you eat is what that matters the most. Eating healthy food will automatically reduce your craving for junk and oily food, which means you can reach your desired calories level by just eating healthy. 

If you keep gorging on oil laden junk and processed foods then you will definitely go over the board in your calorie counter, also it will also make you prone to high blood sugar levels, which in turn will make your body crash down often throughout the day because of frequent hunger pangs. 

4. Avoiding Red Meat Completely 

If you are aiming to lose weight and are also quiet serious about your goal then we can bet that you must have eliminated red meal from your diet completely. While we don’t suggest you to gorge on it relentlessly, we also advise to don’t cut it out completely as well. Red meat if eaten in moderation can be a great source of a number of important muscle building nutrients like iron, zinc, Vitamin B12 and many more.

Simply go for leaner red meats such as sirloin steak or venison, just watch the portion size you are having. 

5.Neglecting Herbs and Spices

People often believe that there condiments and sauces are the secret places where the empty calories hide. These are the sauces in which you cook, stir fry or sometimes marinate the dishes you are making, but its not always the sauce at fault. Chances are you might be using too much oil, sugar or butter in making these sauces, which are actually unhealthy. 

What about the spices and herbs you have added? Trust us, they pose no harm to your health, instead they offer several health benefits if added carefully. So try cooking with herbs and spices to add flavor to your food without any calories. 

6.Relying Too Much On Sports Drinks 

Drinking too much of sports drinks after your workout session is a very common mistake that people make. They take such drinks as an alternative to water to hydrate themselves after sweating it out in gym, without understanding how unhealthy they actually can be. Unless you are spending hours in gym for six pack abs your body doesn’t need electrolytes to recharge itself. Thus, rely on water only as your favorite workout drink along with nutritious pre and post-workout meal. You can also have green tea anytime during the day to meet your antioxidants requirement. 

7.Labeling Frozen Fruits And Vegetables as Unhealthy

If you think that the only way to reap the maximum benefits of fruits and vegetables is to eat them fresh, then you are wrong again. Truth is, frozen veggies and fruits can be equally healthy and nutritious only if they are preserved in sugar. Also they are more convenient, fast, easy to cook and taste great as fresh produce. 

But don’t go for sugar laden canned options, instead go for frozen one’s, naturally preserved with no artificial flavor. 

While there can be many more nutrition mistakes you must be making in your daily life, start correcting a few with these and we can always catch-up with more secrets to help you have a great health, mind and body. 

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