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8 Vitamin Facts That Will Astonish You

Vitamin Facts
Types of Vitamins 
Top 8 Vitamin Facts

Vitamins are micronutrient compounds necessary for human body cells and perform functions such as: repairing tissues, maintaining a healthy body, and fighting off diseases. As humans cannot produce Vitamins in their bodies, they rely primarily on their dietary sources to obtain the required nutrients. Let us learn some interesting Vitamin Facts that will help us understand what makes vitamins so special for our bodies and how to optimize their intake. 

Types of Vitamins 

Before getting to know the various interesting facts about vitamins, let us first understand the different types of vitamins and what they do for us: 

Vitamin C – 

Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant in the body and is necessary for collagen synthesis. Good sources of Vitamin C are citrus fruits, such as oranges, grapes and lemons, Peppers, strawberries, blackcurrants, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, and many more. 

Vitamin B – 

The vitamin B family consists of many members like Vitamin B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, and many more. From glucose metabolism to maintaining cholesterol, this vitamin group is essential for every organ of the body.

Vitamin A – 

It helps in vision and maintains mucous membranes. Milk products, eggs, and oily fish are good sources of Vitamin A.

Vitamin D –

It helps in bone mineralization, absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Obtained from sunlight, egg yolks, and fatty fish, this is one of the most vital vitamins in the body.

Vitamin E – 

It is an antioxidant and helps in the functioning of many organs. This is found in soya, coconut, and blackberries.

Vitamin K – 

It is an essential factor in blood clotting. This vitamin can be obtained from leafy green vegetables and protein-based food.

Now that we know about the essential vitamins, it would be great to learn some fun facts about Vitamins.

Top 8 Vitamin Facts –

As much as we know that Vitamins are super essential for the body, here are some interesting facts about Vitamins, which will give you an insight into how essential these vitamins are for the human body.

  1. Vitamin K2 is essential for postmenopausal women

One of the vitamin facts is that postmenopausal women should add vitamin K2 to their diet. This is important as it helps in improving their bone density and thereby decreases the chances of bone injuries and fractures. So, after 45, women should take care of the amount of Vitamin K they consume daily. The key is to take vitamins in just the right amount, not more or less. Besides being a fun fact about vitamins, this is one of the facts that every woman must keep in mind.

  1. Vitamin D helps in reducing the Fibromyalgia pain

There are a lot of interesting facts about Vitamins that we simply do not know. It has been found that vitamin D may help manage fibromyalgia symptoms, a disorder that results in fatigue, sleep, and mood swings. This one is surprising as in such illnesses. People can get cured just by consuming vitamins rather than taking treatments and medicines. This is one of the Vitamin D facts that we find the most interesting, as it makes this vitamin nothing less than medicine for the illness. 

  1. Vitamins do not impart any positive effect on your heart

One of the most surprising vitamin facts is that most people’s hearts do not require daily multivitamins. This might come as a shock, as most of us indulge in these vitamins for healthy living. However, the fun fact about vitamins is that multivitamins intake does not affect heart health in many cases. So if you are suffering from any kind of cardiovascular disease, consuming vitamins won’t benefit your condition at all. You may consider other nutrients like potassium, omega 3 fatty acids, and so on. 

  1. Our bodies can absorb vitamins obtained from natural sources –

According to various researchers, our bodies were built to absorb vitamins from food and all-natural vitamin supplements. So, apart from your regular diet, even if you are looking for supplements, opt for the organic options as compared to synthetic multivitamins, as they are complex for the body to absorb and utilize. 

  1. Vitamin D can reduce your chances of getting sunburn-

This one is another one of many astonishing Vitamin D facts. Although you know that vitamin D is obtained from sunlight, did you know that it can reduce your risk of developing sunburn? In fact, studies show that taking a daily vitamin supplement containing Vitamin D can help to lessen the inflammation, soreness, and swelling associated with sunburn after it has occurred. So if you are highly susceptible to getting sunburn, you should start taking Vitamin D supplements, as it might help. This is one of the fun facts about vitamins that most people don’t know about.

  1. If you are not consuming enough Magnesium, it is futile to consume Vitamin D-

One of the fun vitamin D facts is that one nutrient is dependent on the other for it to work. It was discovered that when you don’t get enough Magnesium in your diet, the vitamin D absorption in your body is relatively ineffective. Vitamin D isn’t beneficial for you if you are not providing your body with adequate levels of Magnesium. Your vitamin D supplements may be less effective if you have a magnesium deficiency. This vitamin fact should be kept in mind, as this can affect you in many ways. 

  1. In the primitive times, plants were used as vitamin supplements-

Now that we are learning various vitamin facts, this one will surely blow your mind. According to archaeologists, plants have been used as vitamin supplements and medicine by humans for at least 60,000 years. On the banks of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, clay tablets were discovered, which are considered to be the first written records of herbal treatments. 

The 6,000-year-old tablets describe how mustard, liquorice, thyme, and other plants were used to treat various ailments. Therefore, there might be plenty of vitamin c facts that might be telling you how important supplements are for the body, but the truth is, not just supplements, some plants are crucial too, especially when it comes to providing the body with nutrients. 

  1. Vitamin D sometimes helps in reducing the symptoms of schizophrenia-

We all know that B-5 and B-12 are essential for a variety of bodily functions. But are you aware that Vitamin D sometimes helps in reducing the symptoms of schizophrenia? This is one of the vitamin D facts that indicates that supplementing antipsychotic therapy with vitamin B-complex supplements helped persons with schizophrenia minimize their symptoms.


While we already know how crucial vitamins are for our body, these surprising vitamin facts actually tell us how critical it is to include them in our daily diets. These were some interesting facts about vitamins, which will help you with your daily intake of these specific vitamins, which benefit various organs and keep diseases and infections at bay.

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