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Acne Face Map: Do Serums Help?

Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Acne Face Map

It is common for people to think that acne or pimples on face are the villains of their perfect skin, especially when it pops up before any important event, isn’t it? Face acne treatment and its prevention are a continuous battle and this is exactly why you must understand the acne face map. Before jumping into the topic straightaway, let us first know what is the real cause behind acne.

Acne face map - did you know?

 What is Acne and What are Its Causes?

Acne is a condition of the skin when the hair follicles under our skin get blocked by dead skin cells and oil. It can be in any form such as pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and severe condition of nodules. Most teenagers face this problem but the truth is acne can pop up at any age.

Acne is caused by a variety of factors which is listed below:

  1. Hormonal changes: During menstruation or pregnancy, hormonal imbalance occurs that causes acne face in women.
  2. Dead skin cells: Along with sebum, dead skin cells can clog skin pores that may result in blackheads, whiteheads, or blemishes.
  3. Germs and bacteria: When germs get trapped in the skin pores, they get trapped with sebum and dead skin cells that result in infection and breakouts.
  4. Genetic: If you face pimples or breakouts, it may be because of your genetics.
  5. Medicines: Few medicines like antidepressant pills, contraceptive pills, and excessive usage of Vitamin B can cause acne.
  6. Diet: Eating unhealthy and oily food causes acne face or pimple breakouts.

What is an Acne Face Map?

Acne face mapping is an ancient ayurvedic or Chinese technique. It claims that if we are not healthy from the inside, it will reflect on the outer side, especially on our skin. The pimples or acne on different parts of your face are the results of improper inner health.

Now, to do acne face mapping, tie up your hair at the back and stand in front of a mirror and start examining your whole face.

1. Forehead

If you have a lot of acne on your forehead or along your hairline, then this is an indication of oily skin, dandruff, or flakes on your scalp. It is also a clear sign of an unhealthy digestive system.

To cure this, try to increase your water intake and maintain a proper diet by adding probiotics, which will help keep your digestive system healthy. You can also add herbs like fennel in your tea which is good for your digestive system. Try to keep stress at bay and get a good sleep for 8 to 9 hours.

2. Between Brows

If you notice pimples between your brows, that must be because of too many toxins and it is an indication of liver-related problems and stress. To cure this, try to cut off junk foods and alcohol. Eat vegetables and drink a sufficient amount of water daily. You can try doing exercises or yoga too.

3. Eyes and Ears

Pimples of blemishes around the eyes or ears are a clear sign of kidney issues. Dehydration is the main reason that causes those dark circles under your eyes. Try to add watermelon, cucumbers, and some other hydrating foods to your diet to get rid of toxins. Do not intake a lot of salt and sugar which may also cause breakouts.

4. Nose

Redness, whiteheads, and blackheads around your nose are proper signs of high cholesterol levels, poor circulation, and higher blood pressure. If you want to stabilize your blood pressure, try to eat foods that are rich in magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Add nuts, omega 3, fish, and eggs to your diet.

5. Jawline

If you are stressed about something or if you are on your periods, then you might see breakouts on your jawline. To get rid of the stress, you can go for meditation, yoga, and a night of good sleep. Also, if you are having period cramps, try to have some warm foods.

6. Cheeks

Breakouts or blemishes on your cheeks indicate respiratory issues. Pollution and smoking cause pimples on your cheeks. Also, if you have asthma, you will face cheek-related issues. Sometimes, poor dental hygiene causes acne in the lower part of the cheek.

To treat this, try to have foods that are rich in antioxidants like leafy vegetables, kiwi, strawberries, and red capsicum, which will help in the proper function of your respiratory system. To combat gum-related issues, try to floss and do not forget to brush your teeth twice daily.

Which Ingredients Can Reduce Acne and Do Serums Work?

Face acne treatment involves many things such as skin products, some supplements as well as healthy food. To reduce acne or to prevent them from appearing on your face, you can go for some ingredients such as Vitamin C serum, tea tree oil, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid. Apart from these, you can add some supplements to your daily routine like Vitamin B1, D, B6, and so on.

Many things will help in face acne treatment but the most important one is serum. It helps in fighting pimples and gives you clear, flawless skin. The serum consists of a few active ingredients that will penetrate the skin to treat all the issues. It is widely used rather than moisturizer or face cream because it is lighter and gives visible results within a short time. It is a product that will not only treat your acne or blemishes but also helps you in treating fine lines, discoloration and dullness of your skin.

Here are a few other benefits of applying serum to your face:

  1.  It has a thin viscosity which helps it to get absorbed in the skin quickly.
  2. It is an active product for people with oily or sensitive skin and it does not cause any itching.
  3.  Because of the light texture, it does not feel heavy on your skin.
  4.  It gives a soothing effect on the skin.
  5.  It protects the skin from any further damage and treats the dull, acne-prone skin within a short time.

So, it is really important to include serums in your daily skincare routine if you want to have clear, pimple-free, and radiant skin.

Acne face map - Expert's tip


Acne face map focuses on the root cause behind all these breakouts and pimples. Once you have analyzed your skin or face, using this technique will be a lot easier for you to treat that particular area of your face and prevent further acne. It improves the texture of your skin and gives you a glowing, clear complexion.

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